FERNANDO: Reversing 'Extremist' Liberal Policy

Extremist Liberal Immigration Policies Must Be Reversed

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


For years, the Liberals have been able to demonize, shout-down, and silence any Canadian who dared to question their ever-increasing immigration targets.

This resulted in the real voices of Canadians being cast aside when it came to immigration, leaving our immigration policy to be dominated by a handful of radical ‘nobody is illegal’ activists who don’t believe in borders at all, along with the economic illiterates in the Trudeau cabinet who seem unaware of a little thing called ‘per capita GDP.’

With all opposition silenced and extremists in control, Canada’s immigration levels have surged far beyond what most of us would consider reasonable.

And now, Canada has one of the most extreme immigration policies in the world.

According to the Canadian government’s immigration plan released on November 1st of this year, the government will continue raising already-extreme yearly immigration levels until 2025:

“Following the trajectory of the 2023-2025 Plan, Canada aims to welcome 485,000 new permanent residents in 2024, 500,000 in 2025 and plateau at 500,000 in 2026.”

But this doesn’t even tell the full story.

The number of new ‘non-permanent’ residents is even higher than the new permanent intake, with over 600,000 students and temporary foreign workers entering the country last year, meaning the real immigration number was over 1 million.

Of course, many ‘non-permanent’ residents often get permanent status. So, the true scale of Canada’s yearly intake is far above what most Canadians think.

To get a sense of how truly extreme this is, consider that this would be like the U.S. – with nine times our population – bringing in 9 million people in one year.

That would be a truly staggering and destabilizing influx for the U.S. and would be far beyond what the country could adequately manage.

And it should be no surprise that Canada’s massive influx is far beyond what we can manage as well.

Now, people in this country aren’t used to hearing the immigration status quo under the Liberals described as ‘extreme,’ because the political class and legacy media elites only use that word to refer to those who criticize high immigration levels.

But, by definition, any massive deviation from a reasonable policy is extreme.

And there is no better word than extreme to describe the immigration policies the Liberals have forced upon this nation, and the negative impacts of those policies on the people of this country.

Canada’s per capita GDP has been declining for five straight quarters. It has been on a long-term divergence with the United States over the past half-decade, as our neighbour to the south experiences rapid productivity gains while we lag far behind.

As a result, Canada is starting to resemble a less-developed third-world nation. 

Overcrowded and dysfunctional hospitals. 

Huge desperate lineups for jobs. 

A rapidly eroding standard of living. 

Housing that is scarce and unaffordable for a wider and wider swath of the nation. 

Surging violent crime.

A spreading sense of chaos and disorder.

National disunity. 

‘Post-nationalism’ that empowers those who hate everything Canada stands for.

All of this is what you would expect to see when a government rapidly floods a nation with newcomers at a rate far beyond what the country can handle and takes no steps to inculcate Canadian/Western values.

Objectively speaking, the idea of Canada as a pro-Western, prosperous, advanced nation is being rapidly lost in large part due to the extremist immigration policies of the Liberals.

Worst of all, Canadians never had a say in this.

In fact, the Liberals are doing all of this in direct opposition to the will of the Canadian People. They know what we think about this. They just don’t care.

Poll after poll shows a clear majority of Canadians saying immigration levels are too high. A majority also say the housing crisis is being worsened by high immigration. And, a recent poll even showed a plurality of Canadians (43%), saying immigration is making the country ‘worse off,’ an indication that Liberal immigration policies are so extreme that they are destroying the pro-immigration consensus that once existed in this country. 

The Liberals pushed and pushed and pushed, taking advantage of the kind and welcoming nature of Canadians. Now, Canadians are saying ‘enough is enough’ and we are pushing back.

Wrecking your future

Canadians have to push back because our future prosperity is at massive risk. Without strong per capita GDP growth, our country can only stagnate or decline. 

And right now, Canada is declining fast.

Canada’s GDP shrank 1.1% in Q3 of this year on an annualized basis, compared to a 5.2% gain in the United States. Yet, when we take population growth into account, things are far worse.

With our population surging by about 2.7%, Canada’s shrinking GDP looks even more shocking.

Meanwhile, strong U.S. GDP growth is based on real productivity increases, given that their population is only growing by about 0.5%.

Repeat this year after year, and we fall further and further behind – as we have been for quite some time under the Liberals.

The Liberals ignore all of this, as they press on with their extremist immigration policies no matter how much Canadians suffer.

Now is the time for Responsible Immigration

As we have seen with other issues like the fight against draconian vaccine mandates and the battle against the carbon tax, we have the power to shift public opinion. And shifting public opinion generates pressure on governments, and that pressure leads to policy changes.

The will of Canadians like us stopped the Conservatives from becoming a pro-big government party, and helped lead to the election of Pierre Poilievre as CPC Leader which has helped restore Canadian democracy by giving Canadians a real choice of a pro-freedom leader who confronts Trudeau and Singh’s disastrous socialist agenda.

The carbon tax is also crumbling, with most Canadians now opposed, provinces outraged at being left out of Trudeau’s narrowly targeted exemptions, and more and more Canadians turning against eco-Communist Steven Guilbeault.

The same is possible on immigration.

Those of us advocating for responsible immigration levels which would cut immigration in half and dramatically reduce the foreign student intake have public opinion and the best interests of the Canadian people on our side. 

What we need now is the strength and the confidence to speak out for those policies, to advocate relentlessly for responsible immigration, and to never give in to the despicable hypocrites who demonize those who express opposition to the extremist immigration levels of the Liberals.

Canadians deserve an immigration system that works for our economy, that protects the jobs of Canadians, that protects Canadian values, that keeps our social services sustainable, and that ensures housing for our own citizens is actually affordable once again.

None of that is happening now, but it can and will happen if we return to responsible immigration.

Now is the time for us to stand up and fight to make sure that happens.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. Join the mailing list to receive his exclusive weekly column for NCC supporters right to your inbox.

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