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As uncomfortable as this conversation may be for some Canadians, the failing Liberal status quo can no longer cut it, not when we face institutional failures on every front, generations being left without homes and hope, and millions grow sicker on wait lists each day.

The truth of the matter is this: there's no path out of Canada's duelling housing and healthcare crises without bringing our surging immigration targets back down to earth.




Not only that, Canada’s population is growing far more than the job market can handle, with sky-rocketing immigration totals now outpacing job growth, and adding to inflation.

For every 100,000 homes now built in Canada, an estimated one million new permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, and foreign students enter the country looking for housing. And that's not accounting for the one million recent immigrants that Immigration Canada has failed to account for, nor the thousands of refugees being brought to Canada each month.

As countless opinion polls show Canadians demanding cuts to immigration, and with Canada’s housing market, social programs, and job market all unable to handle this influx, how much more evidence do the Liberals need before they finally acknowledge their immigration targets are too high?

Such reckless targets aren't fair to Canadians both new and old. They aren't fair to entire generations who have been robbed of the dream of home ownership, the families waiting for decades even for the chance at a family doctor, and they aren't fair to those who came here seeking prosperity, only to be forced to live eight to an apartment and work two or three jobs to make ends meet.

To return to the Canadian Dream, to restore hope and dignity for all, and to bring back fairness to a nation that celebrates newcomers and all their potential, we the undersigned call on all major parties to commit to a significant reduction in these reckless Trudeau-Liberal immigration targets.

The government's announced 'freeze' on targets over the next few years, which still calls for 500,000 permanent residents in 2026, isn't good enough. Not by a long shot.

That number needs to be halved, to go along with a significant reduction to the record amount of foreign students and non-permanent residents now entering Canada each year.

Experts are warning us this system has already buckled. We need to force government to finally do the right thing.

SIGN BELOW, and SHARE this call to action with your network. Time is of the essence as this problem grows more dire by the day.

Thank you for your support in working to restore the Canadian Dream. We've had the conversation, now, let's make sure Ottawa hears us loud and clear.

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