FERNANDO: Betraying Canadians

BETRAYING CANADIANS: Liberal ‘Reward The Illegals’ Plan Is Another Deliberate Move To Destabilize Our Already-Broken Nation

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Punish those who follow the rules.

Reward those who break the rules.

That about sums up the way the government of Canada operates under Justin Trudeau and the far-left Liberals.

They gave over $10 million of our tax dollars to a convicted terrorist while saying Veterans were “asking for more than we can afford to give.”

They used ruthless state power to crack down on many patriotic, law-abiding Freedom Convoy protestors, yet have given a free pass to the rabid mobs of barbaric anti-Semites roaming the streets spreading hate.

They eased sentences for criminals and go easy on repeat violent offenders, murderers, thieves, and rapists, while seeking to criminalize law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

They spend all their time demonizing Conservative Canadians and insulting our American allies, while giving a free pass to the Chinese Communist Party and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to intimidate freedom-loving Canadians and subvert our national institutions. 

They have imposed eco-radical climate policies that impoverish Canadians and weaken our energy sector, while touting globalist climate deals that allow countries like China to keep ramping up emissions.

They are wiping out our history as Canadians, replacing it with the history of places that have nothing to do with Canada.

They are attacking the core values of Western Civilization itself, pushing a cultural relativism that could result in the total loss of what it means to be Canadian, and the total loss of our rights and freedoms.

They betrayed Canadian values and betrayed Israel at the United Nations by voting for a ceasefire that would result in genocidal Hamas terrorists staying in power – a move so disgraceful that even some Liberal MPs are denouncing what Trudeau and Joly did.

By now, you can likely see the common theme here:


Over and over again, the Trudeau Liberals betray Canadians who follow the rules.

They betray those of us who love this country.

They betray those of us who believe in Western civilization and Western values.

They betray those who want a hopeful and prosperous future.

They betray law-abiding Canadians.

And who do they reward?

They reward terrorists.

They reward criminals.

They reward anti-Semites.

They reward those who hate Canada and hate the Western world.

They reward hostile foreign regimes.

And now, they’re doing it again.

At a time when Canadian citizens are struggling mightily amid a crumbling economy, out-of-control housing costs, and an affordability crisis, the Liberals are planning to reward illegal immigrants and incentivize even more illegal immigration. 

The Liberals are planning to give between 300,000 and 600,000 illegal immigrants a path to becoming permanent residents.

This includes international students who broke the law by overstaying their visas.

Basically, Canada showed generosity by welcoming people into our country, those people took advantage of that generosity by violating the law to stay in Canada, and the Liberals plan to reward them for doing so.

Of course, human nature being what it is, this will obviously encourage more people to come to Canada illegally.

And it won’t be long until the Liberals move to give full citizenship to those who entered Canada illegally, to create a pool of voters they can bank on during elections.

Meanwhile, Canadian Citizens who are already watching our services crumble due to rapid immigration increases and are seeing housing continue to be unaffordable will be screwed over even more.

And immigrants who are doing things the right way will be punished by being pushed to the back of the line behind illegals who violated the law.

So yet again, the Liberals punish those who follow the rules, while rewarding lawbreakers. 

Many Canadians are understandably angry about this. People are angry about the way in which patriotic, law-abiding Canadians keep getting mistreated, overlooked, and punished by the government, while people who have no respect for this country and who refuse to follow the law are coddled and rewarded.

And that anger is 100% justified.

We should be angry.

We have every right to be angry.

We shouldn’t let the Liberals and their bought-off media dismiss that anger.

For far too long, the Liberals have blamed Canadians when we react to their repeated betrayals, acting as if the anger of the public – rather than the acts causing that anger – is the real problem. 

That has given the Liberals room to continue destabilizing our nation, and make no mistake, that is exactly what they are doing.

As more and more people realize that good behaviour is punished while bad behaviour is rewarded, trust in our society and in our nation degrades. It starts to erode at the margins, but the decline quickly spreads. We can already see it happening, with crime and drug use surging amid a widespread breakdown of order.

And on top of all of that, the ongoing Liberal effort to erase Canada’s national identity is turning our nation into a land of nihilism and tribalism.

In a very real way, each day the Liberals remain in power is a day in which our nation is put at further risk, and a day in which the Canada we once knew is further stolen away from us.

That’s why we need to channel our anger into a relentless determination to ensure the Liberals are defeated, and to ensure that we stand against their nation-wrecking plans every step of the way.

Whether its through direct volunteering on campaigns, donations, speaking out to our family and friends to counter the Liberal media, or even running for office, we can each play an important role in taking our country back from those who are ruining it.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. Join the mailing list to receive his exclusive weekly column for NCC supporters right to your inbox.

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