Join the Movement: 14 Years is Enough!


The National Citizens Coalition and its thousands of Ontario supporters are keeping the heat on Kathleen Wynne until June 7th, when Ontario voters can finally oust the most unpopular Premier in the province’s history.

“The NCC has launched our second Wynne billboard campaign in the calendar year to draw attention to Ontario's long legacy of Liberal mismanagement, and our urgent need for regime change in Ontario,” says NCC President and CEO Peter Coleman. “Hard-working taxpayers simply cannot afford another term of wasteful spending and incompetent leadership. This has been a legacy of shame. Fourteen years is enough.”

The 14 YEARS IS ENOUGH billboard is situated at the corner of Front & Simcoe.

Please visit to view the latest on the billboard, and to listen to the accompanying radio spot.

The National Citizens Coalition is a non-profit organization that has been providing leadership in small-c conservatism since 1967.