Trudeau's Problems Back In Session


"Gerald, is it just me, or is our bench getting smaller?"

With the House now being back in session, it took just a single member of the government's backbench mere minutes to unravel their Fall plans. Liberals expected to be attacked from both sides, of course. What they didn't anticipate was an attack from within.

Liberal MP Leona Alleslev, a rising star MP and former Air Force Captain, has slammed Trudeau and crossed the floor to the Conservatives.

And talk about bad timing, this occurred on the same day the Globe and Mail uncovered another Liberal "cash for access" scandal, as the Trudeau Liberals have been caught allowing lobbyists to infiltrate party fundraisers featuring federal cabinet ministers, despite claiming this practice was no longer allowed under party rules.

AND... that's to say nothing of the Global News bombshell that the Trudeau Liberals have left $372-million in allocated spending for Canadian veterans unspent... and yet they were the ones "asking for more than we can give right now." 

To say the bloom is off the rose would be an understatement at this point. 

Hard-working taxpayers, and even Liberal MPs, have realized Trudeau and co. are all style and no substance. 

In fact, if you were to add up a list of all his accomplishments, you'd only be left with a Marijuana leaf. 

Trudeau's problems are back in session, will you join us in turning up the heat even higher?