Trudeau's Great Pipeline Lie


It's no great victory for Alberta, or for taxpayers. 

In fact, Trudeau's "approval" announcement of Trans Mountain carried with it a funereal tone. It's a climate emergency/pipeline announcement high-wire act that defies all reason. It's a pyrrhic victory for Alberta with bills C-69 and C-48 still on the way. It's a free pipeline we overpaid for. And it could spell the end of our oil and gas industry.  

Not only are shovels not in the ground, but after three years and billions of dollars chased away, they still don't have a plan for legal challenges, and as for those promises of construction starting soon? We know how much a promise is worth from Trudeau and his pals.

And the worst part? It's looking more and more like Trans Mountain is being used as a trojan horse to finally accomplish their foreign-funded goal to sabotage our resource sector. With plans to use 100% of proceeds from the pipeline for green corporate welfare, it's clear that the Liberals’ sole medium-term use for the Trans Mountain pipeline is to finance the end of Canadian oil and gas for good, from inside the industry itself.

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