Trudeau Funding Pipeline Protests?

You really can't make this up.

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to promise that the Kinder Morgan pipeline "will be built," his government's summer jobs program is now funding for a position with a student activist group working to stop the project.

You heard that right.

The same charter-violating, unethical, un-Canadian approach to government assistance -- that requires churches to sign away their faith in the name of Trudeau's identity politics -- is perfectly fine with funding far-left protests that go against the interests of the nation. But if you're a Sunday school looking for some part-time help in July and August? Well then you sicken them. 

Back in January, we asked the question "what is next for employers and employees who want government assistance? A promise to report neighbours who emit too much carbon? Would you bend your religious views to the will of Justin’s Liberals?"

The results were overwhelming. Ordinary Canadians who live outside of the Trudeau, Gerald Butts bubble, were outraged, and would never compromise on their beliefs. 

Now, once again, Trudeau has shown what he truly believes in. Whether he's prancing around Paris, passive-aggressively handling our natural resources sector, or refusing to fund faith-based groups while enabling fringe social justice warriors, the message, again, is clear. 

Justin Trudeau has outright contempt for the average Canadian taxpayer. 

And the feeling is mutual! 

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