FERNANDO: Trudeau's "Genocide" Moment

If Justin Trudeau Thinks He Leads A Genocidal Country, Shouldn’t He Refer Himself To The International Criminal Court For Possible Charges?

By Spencer Fernando, exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition

While that sounds crazy, by embracing the term ‘genocide’ in the MMIWG report, Justin Trudeau has put himself – and Canada – on a potentially dangerous path.


For a short amount of time, for one brief shining moment, it looked like Justin Trudeau was about to show an inkling of common sense.

The day the report into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls was released, Justin Trudeau was speaking at an event and repeatedly refused to use the term ‘genocide,’ as the report had done.

Even when people in the crowd shouted for Trudeau to say ‘genocide,’ he didn’t.

It was a smart move by Trudeau, as he likely received advice from government lawyers to avoid use of the term because of the potential problems it could create for our country.

He really seemed to be resisting the pressure and resisting an opportunity to indulge in his obsession with virtue-signalling.

But that common sense lasted just a day.

The very next day, Justin Trudeau bowed to the pressure. He repeatedly used the term, saying he ‘accepts the report’ and accepts that ‘Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls’ amounts to ‘a genocide.’

That was a big mistake.

By using that term, Justin Trudeau has now admitted that he believes he is currently leading a genocidal nation. And because the report talks about how the so-called ‘genocide’ is still ongoing, then Trudeau is also tacitly admitting that he is the governmental leader of a country that is currently engaged in genocide against a portion of our population.

Following that logic, Trudeau should now be referring himself to the International Criminal Court for potential prosecution. In fact, international human rights bodies are now already sniffing around.

Do I really think Trudeau should face charges at the ICC?

Of course not.

Canada is not committing genocide.

In fact, the RCMP’s own statistics show that 70% of the Indigenous women who were killed were killed by Indigenous men.

So, if part of one group is killing a part of their own group, that simply can’t be considered a genocide being committed by Canada.

Yet – despite genocide obviously being the wrong word - there are still consequences to Trudeau’s reckless use of the term ‘genocide.’

The Organization of American States is now demanding that Canada create a panel (which will include foreign countries) to ‘investigate the allegation of genocide.’

OAS leader Luis Almagro had this to say about it:

“The mere presumption of the crime of genocide against Indigenous women and girls in your country should not and cannot leave any room for indifference from the perspective of the Inter-American community and the international community.

“Given that your country has always sided with scrutiny and international investigation in situations where human rights are violated in different countries, I am expecting to receive a favourable response to this request.”

This is totally humiliating for Canada.

And it will certainly be used against us by countries like Communist China. Just imagine what will happen when we try to get our kidnapped citizens brought back home. China will say, “your own Prime Minister says Canada is a genocidal nation, so why should we listen to you?”

Justin Trudeau’s inability to resist pressure, and his inability to pass up another virtue-signalling opportunity has now put Canada in a very dangerous position. It’s yet another example of how he’s not up to the job and doesn’t have what it takes to lead our nation.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political writers and independent journalists in Canada. He is an Election Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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