Trudeau's Canada is Closed for Business


"What do you mean they don't love me anymore?"


A NAFTA disaster, ANOTHER pipeline debacle, a #MeToo allegation, sinking job numbers, plummeting approval, fleeing foreign investment, the continued resounding defeat of his beloved carbon tax...

These are just a few of the disasters that beset the Trudeau government over the normally quiet Summer session. Instead, we got what is perhaps the most inept period in the history of Canadian governance. It would be funnier if it didn't have such far-reaching, and devastating consequences for the country at large. 

With no pipelines, no seat at the table for NAFTA revisions, and no more friends of the carbon tax to be found, the Trudeau Liberals are exposed like never before -- the victims of their own moral righteousness. 

Unfortunately, we're the ones stuck paying for all those mistakes, making 2019 not just important, but critical for the future prosperity of Canadian taxpayers. 

This will only get worse if we let it. 

Here's to another season of keeping Ottawa accountable to YOU, the taxpayer.

The countdown to 2019 is on.

The work starts now.