Then and Now: Justin Trudeau vs. the Truth

The Trudeau Liberals were already having a bad start to the week. They're getting hammered for sending Chrystia Freeland to a UNIFOR election pep rally, and Catherine McKenna is under fire for backing off a pledge to freeze the carbon tax at $50 a tonne after 2022, with experts suggesting a massive hike to $102 a tonne is coming.

So there's no better time to keep the pressure on, and debut our latest #TrudeauMustGo adThen and Now: Justin Trudeau vs. the Truth.


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Trudeau keeps telling us he disagrees with the Ethics Commissioner's findings, but a few months ago he told us to trust the Ethics Commissioner, and compared him to a judge. What changed?

There really is no limit to what he will say or do to stay in power, and to avoid any and all accountability for his actions. And as our latest ad showcases, there's no more effective campaigner against Trudeau than himself. 

Our independent, taxpayer-supported efforts have engaged more Canadians than federal parties, and we're throttling the numbers of the US-funded, millionaire special interests that want to keep you-know-who in power -- with our election-winning advertising team driving content that's being shared by MPs, Senators, newspaper editors, and fed-up taxpayers across the country. And we couldn't do it without your support!

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