The Tide is Turning

You really are helping turn the tide against the millionaire special-interests and the overwhelming amount of unions backing Trudeau's re-election campaign with money from forced union dues.

His popularity is waning post-'blackface', and recent polls out of the key swing provinces show his grasp is slipping. Just yesterday, new polls had his support in BC down 10 points to the Conservatives.

We're proud to keep up the hard work on your behalf -- as we continue to target the areas where he is most vulnerable. 

Our latest video ad, "The Third Time Trudeau Lied To Your Face: Balanced Budgets" has just debuted on Facebook and Twitter

And our national radio campaign starts tomorrow, airing coast-to-coast for the next 3 weeks!

We're just $2500 shy of hitting our weekly goal for fundraising before going into perhaps the most pivotal month in our nation's political history. 

Will you help make sure we can continue to turn the tide nationwide on your behalf? 

Click to donate $25, $50, $100, $250, or the whole $2500 to fight for a Trudeau-free future!

And make sure to sign the #TrudeauMustGo petition today!