President's Blog: The Alberta Budget Fairytale Comes to a Quick Conclusion

It always astounds me when an NDP government presents a budget in any format in any province across this great country of ours. Have you ever seen one... ever that was not a socialist utopic dreamland of utter bull and smoke and mirrors?

Nope, neither have I, and the Alberta budget presented by Alberta Premier Notley last Thursday was no different. The only target that they will unfortunately hit is the astounding increase in the deficits and the debt levels that are a direct result of their dream world fantasies. Next year’s deficit is projected to be $10 billion and yet they say they will balance the budget in 2023-2024. Hah!

That is almost one heck of a joke except for the fact that the great people of Alberta are being run off a fiscal cliff by jokers who somehow won the last election. Their total bet that they will balance the budget by increased oil prices is a very dangerous gamble and not a realistic one. The projected provincial debt is expected to hit $70 billion by 2019-2020. That is a disgrace. What needs to happen is that this government needs to be kicked out of office and a business-friendly government put back in to right the good ship Alberta.

It was an encouraging sign to see Jason Kenny win the leadership with such an overwhelming margin. The true work starts this week with his first meeting with Wildrose leader Brian Jean: two decent guys that need to find a way through the merger of the two parties to form a united front against an undeniably failing NDP government.

No doubt there will be obstacles and bruised egos along the way but the people of Alberta deserve much, much better. We will be watching closely and doing all we can to encourage such a process to come together quickly, and for an investment and business-friendly government to return to Alberta. Best of luck to all of those on the conservative side of the spectrum in Alberta in their journey, and may it be a successful one!