Small Victory for Business Owners!

Small Victory for Business Owners!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (October 16, 2017 - Toronto)

The National Citizens Coalition believes it to be a step in the right direction as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau have backed off their controversial and ill advised first attempt at small business tax reform – thanks in part to groups like the NCC and other business organizations.

The NCC has advocated for and agreed with the small business tax rate reduction, as well as the removal of a capital gains tax that would greatly impact how family businesses were passed on from generation to generation, and these ratifications are certainly an improvement over what has come before.

“While a step in the right direction,” says NCC President Peter Coleman. “It’s clear this Liberal Government has lost the moral ground to champion the middle class. If they are champions of anything it is of out of control spending!”

The NCC will continue to contribute to the national dialogue on tax reform going forward as we wait for these proposed changes to take effect and we will continue to champion the thousands of our supporters who are the small business owners who create more jobs than Ottawa ever could!


Peter Coleman is available for comment.

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