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Even in trying times of isolation, we had much to be thankful for. 

As always, Canadians answered the call. Despite the federal government's wilful ignorance on securing the border, and their continued insistence on parroting the faulty advice of the Communist Party of China, the Canadian people "flattened the curve", our ICUs remained wide open, and we bested our flawed, relentlessly-negative pandemic modelling.

But now, the conversation is evolving rapidly. The rest of the world is starting to re-open without us, and everyday we learn more and more about a virus that's clearly far more wide-spread than we're being told -- but thankfully, then, far-less deadly.

It's not that we don't want to wait for "the coast to clear."

Vaccines take years. And with thousands of Canadian businesses already going under, oil and gas on the brink, patients in need of cancer surgeries, millions of bankruptcies looming, a growing mental health crisis, and a recession to boot, we simply cannot afford to wait indefinitely. Those $2000 CERB cheques only helped a segment of the population for so long. And the slow-to-develop federal relief for small businesses has been an abject failure.

For those not privileged enough to comfortably work from home, this situation is dire. How dire? We asked our supporters when they need to get back to work, and a staggering 43% said "NOW". 35% had called for a May opening. Only 6% percent felt we could wait beyond June. Recently, over 90% of them told us we can't return to another lockdown.

Even the province of Newfoundland is going bankrupt. Now, imagine if that were Alberta?

So what are we calling for?

First and foremost, the continued protection of our most vulnerable, and for LTC homes -- where the vast majority of deaths have occurred -- to remain the priority.

Secondly, for the the continuation of social-distancing measures for the near future -- but without the shameful abuse of Draconian bylaw enforcement. No Canadian family should ever be ticketed $800 for enjoying the outdoors. That's not the Canadian way. And it never should be.

Thirdly, proper screening at airports. The federal government simply must learn from its repeated failures to secure our border. This is an issue that matters deeply to Canadians, and the two months of lies and inaction on "enhanced security measures" (read: pamphlets) cost lives. 

And finally, we are calling on the provincial governments to end "non-essential service" restrictions, and stay in their "phase 3" reopenings, with health and work-place safety guidelines still firmly in place. 

It's time to KEEP Canada safely back at work. SIGN the petition below and SHARE if you agree. 

Here's to the push for better business, better governance, and a better balance that follows the science -- NOT the politics.

Here's to better days ahead.


Founded in 1967, the NCC is a pioneering non-profit advocate for the Canadian taxpayer. If you're presently financially able, generous donations to 'Get Canada Safely Back to Work' can be made by clicking here.

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