RELEASE: "I'm Tired Of This"


I'm tired of this.

I'm tired of "post-national" decline.

I'm tired of the lack of poppies, the hatred, and the rampant anti-Semitism in our streets.

I'm tired of our lack of homes, the millions of taxpayers being made to live without doctors, and the thousands being made to die on waiting lists, while appointments sit unfulfilled just beyond our Southern border.

I'm tired of reckless immigration targets that rob Canadians both new and old of prosperity and opportunity.

I'm tired of pointless carbon taxes, identity politics, the squalor in our streets, and infringements on your once-God-given rights.

Most of all, I'm tired of weak men like Justin Trudeau, who have deliberately sought to run this great nation into the ground.

Freedom can fix it, but his robust defeat is not yet guaranteed.

He's protected by corrupt, billion-dollar slush funds, million-dollar family 'foundations,' major media unions, Laurentian boardrooms and backrooms, and even assets from Beijing for a reason: that's one useful idiot.

The grassroots, common-sense, conservative side of the fence looks a whole lot different. Here at the NCC, Canada's pioneering third-party campaigner, we rely on (extra)ordinary supporters like you to help turn the tide against a system rigged against the people.

This past week, we targeted tens of thousands in Liberal ridings in Ontario and the BC Lower Mainland, who would have otherwise been shown what socks Trudeau was wearing while he kicked back at home, and evaded questions in the House of Commons.

This is why the NCC exists, to rally the grassroots, reach as many working Canadians as possible, and to serve as your voice -- particularly when you're not being heard.

I hear your concerns. I share your alarm; which is why your support right now is so crucial.

To get where we all need to go, hit our targets, and deploy the campaign work of Canada's best and brightest digital and traditional media minds, we need to 2x our war chest to end 2023, so that 2024 can be all about campaigning against the Trudeau Liberals, and ensuring their prosperity-destroying agenda can't get off the mat.

Historically speaking, when the NCC does well at election time, Liberals tend to do very, very poorly. We helped turn the tide away from Trudeau's attempted majority last time -- now we finish the fight.

The Liberals and their slush funds are out asking for hundreds of thousands -- even millions -- right now, and they just formed their National Campaign Committee for the next election.

I'm looking to raise $20,000 online by Nov 30th, so I can secure the future for the National Citizens Coalition, and lay the foundations for the essential 2024 grassroots campaign that's needed to help defeat Justin Trudeau once and for all.

If you're in a position to give, the Canada we know and love could sure use your support. Please chip in generously with a donation of $25, $100, or even $1000.

I'm tired of what's been done to our country. How about you?


Alexander Brown
Director of Communications
National Citizens Coalition, est. 1967