RELEASE: 'Five-Alarm' June Job Losses

[Breaking] MASSIVE job losses -- when it should be Trudeau's

This morning's job market numbers are grim, and we have to ensure that the Trudeau Liberals lose their jobs for such a disgrace.

Even under sky-rocketing, unchecked, unpopular Liberal mass-immigration scams, Canada 'created' -1400 jobs in June of 2024. Our neighbours to the south? +206,000.

  • Unemployment soared to 6.4%.
  • Our out-of-control public sector again outpaced the private sector 183k to 106k.
  • Youth employment is at a staggering 54%, and 'core age' adults at only 83%.
  • Canada now has over 1.4 million unemployed -- that we even know about.

Like many of you, we're hearing countless tales of young men and women ready, willing, and able to enter the workforce, but they can't even find an in-road with hundreds of thousands of diploma mill 'students' on suppressed wages having seemingly replaced them in the market.

"There is no economic business case for mass immigration but we are mass immigrating people straight into unemployment. This is incredibly reckless."

When our young people, who have already been denied the dream of home ownership under Justin Trudeau, can't even find work? That's nothing less than a five-alarm blaze of our government's doing.

"It can't continue like that, young people will become too angry otherwise."

It truly can't continue. The Liberals and their partners in the immigration scams, wage suppression, and a SHRINKING economy must be punished.

How dare they deny an entire generation hope. How dare they deny young Canadians, as well as the new Canadians who came here to give it an honest go and contribute, the dignity of work and self-sufficiency. We stop the Trudeau Liberals here and now, we send them to the unemployment line in the year to come, or things get much, much worse.

We need to get these numbers under control. We need to grow the private sector, not the public sector. We need to restore hope for our future generations, and rescue our economy from a deliberately lost decade.

Stand with the Fire Trudeau Fund, and chip in so we can provide the robust third-party defence your Canada deserves.

Thank you for considering this urgent matter.


The team at the National Citizens Coalition


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