RELEASE: A Chilling Assault On The Free Press


No freedom-loving Canadian or media outlet of integrity should stay silent today.

Yesterday evening, news broke that long-time Rebel News gum-shoe David Menzies had just been violently detained for having the gall to question Canada's disastrous finance & deputy minister, Chrystia Freeland.

The video is appalling, and has gone viral the world over with millions of views. Even Elon Musk was tweeting about it last night.


David did nothing wrong. In fact, he was doing the job that bought-off Trudeau reporters are supposed to do. Even more troubling, is how officers appeared to trump up potential charges at the scene. Thank goodness it was all on video.

Welcome to the final desperate act of Justin Trudeau, and a deliberately-made-worse Canada where cops are instructed to hand out coffee to pro-Hamas supporters blocking roads inside Jewish-Canadian neighbourhoods, and allow for death threats inside malls and at family skating rinks, but they'll crack down on non-subsidized reporters just trying to get a comment from the least transparent government in our history.

I know the Rebel isn't for everybody. Frankly, I don't think that matters. If they can get away with this, they can get away with anything. The deputy minister who once violated the Charter through frozen bank accounts and the unnecessary deployment of a war-time Emergencies Act just presided over the arrest of a member of the independent press.

Perhaps if he was carrying a fresh Trudeau subsidy in his pocket, he would have been treated differently by the plain-clothes officer clearly looking for a fight...

This is what we're all up against in 2024, as we pick up steam toward the most important election of our lifetime.

As these authoritarian, banana republic scenes grow, and (extra)ordinary Canadians look on in horror as police and government officials ignore and coddle real criminals and hate-filled mobs, but continue to crackdown on Canadians not on the take, we need to be spreading these wake-up calls far and wide for all to hear.

I don't want our talented writers here at the NCC to be next. Should Alexander Brown, our director of communications, be accosted for warning the public that Canada is sliding out of the Developed World in the Toronto Sun? What about Spencer Fernando, our terrific columnist and campaign fellow, who reaches hundreds of thousands of Canadians per month with regime-critical analysis?

Will our next election ad that reaches millions be deplatformed?

As we saw with the Freedom Convoy crackdown, the ever-moving goalposts during Covid lockdowns and mandates, and the creeping censorship behind Bills C-11 and C-18, give these desperate Liberals an inch, and they'll take a mile.

When it comes to attacks on independent media, we all need to take a stand, before it's too late.

Please, voice your support online for David Menzies today.

Thank you for standing on the right side of Canadian history -- and standing against the Trudeau Liberals.


Peter Coleman
President & CEO
National Citizens Coalition

Peter Coleman is available for comment at [email protected].