RELEASE: Budget 2024 'A Nail In The Coffin'


Better days may indeed lie ahead, but they cannot come soon enough.

In their latest calamitous budget, Trudeau and Freeland just quadrupled down on the same fiscal policy and misplaced priorities that have denied entire generations hope, decimated the value of our dollar, and threatened our expulsion from the Developed World.

We'll all pay for NDP-style tax hikes for the wealthy. These so-called "Tax Fairness Measures" will only ensure our best and brightest spend, invest, and donate less -- and take their talents elsewhere.

We've never seen such a non-competitive economy, where the Liberals have shown no interest in reducing worst-in-the-world trends, such as a sky-rocketing public sector, and a stagnating private and self-employment sector. And nothing will chill additional investment quite like these massive planned Capital Gains hikes.

This is part election budget, part lifeline for their stagnant and disgraced NDP partners, with this fiscally incompetent twosome now fully deserving of the election shellackings headed their way.

There is still no axing or adjusting of the carbon tax, even as millions of Canadians find themselves on the financial brink under punishments for heating their homes, filling up their tanks to drive their kids to school, and putting food on their family's table.

When it comes to believe-it-when-we-see-it housing promises, the Liberals had over eight years to prioritize homes for young Canadians. Instead, they destroyed the housing supply with unchecked mass immigration, while turning the other cheek for far too long as foreign buyers (and many friends in foreign interference) hoovered up our paltry supply of new homes.

"Unlocking" is not "building." And with housing starts having just fallen, again, only the worst of partisan Liberal hacks would take this deathbed conversion for a housing plan at face value.

Already, Liberal spinmasters are out in full force, attempting to put lipstick on a pig that is a budget that further signals to the world -- and hard-working, salt-of-the-earth Canadian entrepreneurs -- that we're closed for business.

But there's no masking an eye-watering $53 billion in new spending, with billions earmarked for woke nonsense and ways to make life harder and more expensive for extra-ordinary folk who need big government to get out of the way. And there's certainly no masking federal debt servicing charges that now exceed spending on our Trudeau-destroyed healthcare system.

Budget 2024 seeks to be the nail in the coffin for many Canadian businesses, and for millions who deserve far greater than the most corrupt, compromised, and incompetent government in our history, but it's also a political nail in the coffin for the last of the Trudeau Liberals, and their out-of-touch, far-left designs.

They've had every opportunity to listen to Canadians; to take their boots off the necks of good people trying to make ends meet; to get out of the way, but they simply cannot help themselves.

This is who they are. It's who they've always been.

Budget 2024 is another insult to Canadians. Let's make it one of their last.


Alexander Brown
Director of Communications
National Citizens Coalition, est. 1967

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