Release: Reject The MP Pay Hike


It's been quite the week in Ottawa, and while the topic of Chinese interference must remain at the fore, we cannot lose sight of the millions of working Canadians being made to suffer under the policies of our compromised prime minister.

At the CSFN National Conference these past few days, the overarching message has been about building a big blue tent with *actual* conservative principles, and the importance of working for the middle class, and while I've been able to voice your concerns with the Right Hon. Stephen Harper, and the Leader of the Official Opposition Pierre Poilievre, April 1st still looms large for working Canadians who've had enough of being extorted by their federal government.

On Saturday April 1st, carbon and even alcohol taxes skyrocket, and thousands of bars and restaurants already fear they'll be forced under by the latest Trudeau tax hike. And to add insult to injury, MPs will be taking ANOTHER pay raise, their fourth in just a matter of years.

In a time of crushing, government-created inflation, do we really think that federal MPs deserve an extra $5,100-$10,200, while our everyday heroes are made poorer? Of course not.

That's why here at the NCC, we're calling on all federal MPs to REJECT THE APRIL 1ST MP PAY RAISE as an act of solidarity with the Canadians who deserve better.

We know that Justin Trudeau won't take us up on our offer, but at the very least, we expect Conservative and independent-minded MPs to donate these taxpayer dollars to our food banks, or other worthy causes, while we all work to solve the problem of this Liberal-NDP partnernship. 

When I shared your concerns with the Right Hon. Stephen Harper the other night, I was speaking with a man who would have never dreamed of making matters worse for an electorate already being made to suffer. That shouldn't be too much to ask from the men and women who claim to have the best interests of Canadians at heart.


Justin Trudeau's allegiances may lie elsewhere, but there are still MPs worth believing in. 

So, one more time with feeling, just to make sure they get the message: REJECT THE PAY RAISE.


Alexander Brown
Communications Director
National Citizens Coalition