Ontario Can't Afford Return to Rae Days


Ask any Ontarian of a certain age how they felt about living under Ontario's only ever NDP Government, and you're likely to get a reaction even stronger than that to Kathleen Wynne. 

Bob Rae's disastrous "Rae Days" created damage to the province's books that Ontario will never recover from. Not only did he preside over a tax hike that gave Ontarians the highest personal taxes in North America, but his specific brand of champagne socialism also cost 125,000 full-time employees their jobs -- leaving over a million on welfare, and decimating the economy. 

With Andrea Horwath's NDP now surging, Ontarians should be very, very worried that a potential return to those not-so-sunny "Rae Days" is near!

With a plan that brings to mind Margaret Thatcher's famous quote -- that the trouble with socialism is you eventually run out of other people's money -- Horwath is promising everything under the sun to leapfrog her competitors, and it's future generations that will be stuck holding the bill!

The NCC fought Bob Rae and his disastrous, anti-business practices at every turn, famously labelling him BUFFALO BUSINESS BOOSTERS' MAN OF THE YEAR!

With just weeks to go, we'll be fighting against big government socialism once again.

So beware of gifts, Ontario! They did it before. 

If we're not careful, they'll do it again!