For Immediate Release (November 20, 2020)

For Immediate Release (November 20th, 2020)

We're one of Canada's oldest conservative organizations, and Doug Ford and Brian Pallister are way out of line.

"These deepening small businesses restrictions, without evidence, are politics playing science, and are doing nothing to actually protect those at risk," says NCC President Peter Coleman.

"Instead of protecting our long-term care homes, and working to expand paltry ICU capacities, these 'conservative' premiers are instead taking it out on Canadians not even remotely responsible for an expected seasonal bump in PCR positives, and hospitalizations."

The National Citizens Coalition wishes to call particular attention to the continued unfair treatment of hyper-compliant gyms and restaurants -- who continue to make every concession and modification that governments ask for, yet remain their preferred punching bag.

The NCC is also deeply concerned by Brian Pallister's efforts to restrict what small businesses can and can't sell.

"The premier has no right to determine what is and isn't 'essential' for small businesses and shoppers. This will have no benefit towards public health. It's government overreach, plain and simple."

The media fear-mongering, the government blame game, and the over-reliance on apocalyptic modelling simply must stop. Canadians deserve better. They deserve a scientific, rational, balanced approach to a now-endemic virus.

"We expect better from all our politicians and public officials. But, at the moment, particularly those in Ontario and Manitoba," concludes Coleman.


The National Citizens Coalition is one of Canada's oldest non-profits, and represents tens-of-thousands of supporters with a (rather timely) message of "More Freedom Through Less Government."