"Why Delay? Say Goodbye Today!" Billboard Unveiled


Now calling Downtown Toronto home, at the corner of Blue Jay Way and Wellington!

At the height of Watergate President Richard Nixon still managed to leave office with a final approval rating of 24%. With recent reports suggesting that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's approval rating is now as low as 12%, we thought it was high-time to highlight that absurdity. And whether you're joining us because you spotted this billboard in Downtown Toronto, or perhaps you haven't yet seen it, this is as good an introduction to who we are and what we do as you'll find.

Founded in 1967 with the express goal to stand up for Canadian taxpayers and to champion small-C conservative values, we as an organization have a long history of running politically motivated ads that have been inspired by the will of our supporters, and our shared belief in lower taxes, and smaller government. 

That message is incredibly timely, with irresponsible spending currently running rampant from coast-to-coast. 

If you share our alarm, and support our work, we kindly ask you to Donate to our "Why Delay? Say Goodbye Today!" campaign today! And don't forget to spread the word!

Your donation to this campaign will go towards producing more billboards, and keeping them up for even longer. Your generous donation includes a quarterly subscription to the National Citizens Review, as well as early-access to exclusive political events we host throughout the year. 

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If you'd like a billboard put up in your home province or town, do get in touch.