Ontario Budget a Step in Right Direction


The Ford government has been left with a tricky job of providing necessary services while needing to take steps to return fiscal prudence back to Ontario. The fiscal incompetence of the McGuinty and Wynne governments, and the mess they left behind, has made this a tall task. 

With that said, we applaud the reduction of deficit levels by $3.37 billion this past fiscal year, and the plan to balance Ontario's books in 5 years. 

"We understand that this will be a multi year process and that this won't get turned around overnight," says NCC President Peter Coleman, "but we need to continue to see signs that both hard working taxpayers and companies are being listened to when they are asking for productive measures that will reduce spending and help grow the economy."

The NCC continues to call for every effort to be made to continue to drive down hydro rates and provide economic policies that will encourage job growth, and will hold the Ford government's promise of balancing the budget by 2024 to account.

"It's a step in the right direction," continues Coleman. "But there's more to be done, and actions will speak louder than words."