Merry Middle Class Christmas!


It's the season of giving, so here at the NCC we wanted to put something together that all our supporters and like-minded Canadians could share and enjoy! 

It's hard to believe there was once hope that Bill Morneau could be a prudent balance to the reckless spending and jet-setting ways of Justin Trudeau. Instead we've been left with scandal after scandal, and job-killing tax hikes with no end in sight. 

But have no fear! Our valiant trust-fund millionaires know what's best for Canadians and the middle class. With such great successes as the small-business tax hike, the job-killing carbon tax, the Paradise Papers, and Trudeau's global trade lectures what could possibly go wrong? 

Wishing you and yours a Merry Middle Class Christmas, and we encourage you to pass this card along!

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