Liberals Give Canadians The Finger



The Trudeau carbon tax was already a middle finger to working Canadians, and the millions being denied prosperity, who are struggling to choose between heating and eating during six months of Canadian winter.

In the case of Ken McDonald, Liberal MP for Avalon, who flipped off the Opposition and the NDP who voted to rightly expand Trudeau's carbon tax carve-out for votes out East, he was only making their opinions towards the Canadian public official.

Here at Canada's pioneering conservative non-profit, we're disappointed, but not surprised. Like you, we have zero expectations for the most corrupt and out-of-touch government in our history, except that they'll always look out for their own needs over the country they're choosing to run into the ground.

Only, this time, they've handed a massive win to Pierre Poilievre, and a CPC polling north of 40% in the polls. Trudeau may be beholden to scores of subsidized corporate interests, radical grifters, and unserious far-left activists inside his government (who have both hand-waved and struggled to 'contextualize' rampant scenes of appalling anti-Semitism in our streets for weeks), but he knows as well as any that his so-called 'price on pollution' scheme doesn't lower emissions, innovation and technology does.

A simple expansion of a pause on his punitive and pointless carbon tax on home heating from coast to coast would have been an easy win, even if it infuriated the zealots who have helped lead this government, and country, so astray. For a man polling below 'walk in the snow' numbers, who is distrusted by a stunning 86% of the country, according to Abacus, Trudeau was still thrown a lifeline, yet has opted to go down with the ship.

So be it.

As the provinces revolt in response, and begin to announce refusals to collect on carbon taxes on home heating, Trudeau has been exposed as a hypocrite and a fraud like never before, and deserves to reap the whirlwind.

We need to make these challenges to his ruinous policies stick. When life has been made deliberately worse for millions of Canadians, nothing less than the thorough defeat of these out-of-touch Liberals and their carbon tax will suffice.

Yesterday, they flipped you off.

Today, you get to help flip the script.

Make his poll numbers permanent. Bring about electoral ruin, and his walk in the snow.

We're targeting tens of thousands of voters in Liberal ridings right now with our Stop the Carbon Tax campaign.

Chip in $25, $50, $250, or even $1000, so that we can reach thousands more on your behalf.

I assure you, far sunnier ways -- and days -- lie ahead.


Alexander Brown
Director of Communications