A Liberal-NDP Media Coalition

LIBERAL-NDP MEDIA COALITION: By Choosing To Side With Trudeau & Singh Against Canadians, The Bought-Off Press Is Putting Canada’s Democracy In Real Danger

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Perhaps it was always going to come to this.

As their financial problems mounted, the media was always going to have to make a choice.

Either have enough humility to look at why they have lost so much market share to their more nimble independent competitors.

Or, run to the Trudeau government to demand both the quasi-nationalization of the press and the use of state power to weaken independent outlets.

They chose the latter.

And that wasn’t just a financial or business choice.

It was a choice to stand with Justin Trudeau against the Canadian people by putting their own interests above the need for the media to hold the government accountable.

The polls have turned decisively against the Liberals, and I don’t have to rehash all the reasons this has taken place.

Suffice it to say that when nearly everything is objectively getting worse, a government that has been in power for 8 years will be deeply unpopular. And when that government is led by a far-left narcissist who loves to arrogantly lecture Canadians and expects us to be grateful for his garbage ‘leadership,’ it’s no wonder that the Liberals are facing a potentially historic rejection by the voters.

In normal times, the media would largely reflect this shift among the public. We would expect them to be consistently holding the government accountable. After all, the whole point of the media is that since the government already has massive financial resources and a large propaganda apparatus, the citizens need advocates who can speak truth to power and ensure the power of the state is kept in check.

But what happens when the very same media that’s supposed to hold the government accountable becomes dependent upon the government for funding?

Well, they may as well be considered government employees at this point.

And this is incredibly dangerous.

It’s dangerous for three key reasons:

First, when the media is dependent on the government – in particular a free-spending Liberal government – they will do everything they can to keep that government in power. This turns them into an extension of the government propaganda apparatus, meaning that apparatus becomes more powerful as accountability becomes weaker.

Second, there is a deeply dishonest element to all this that will fool some people. The media won’t just label themselves as ‘government propaganda.’ All the names of the bailed-out media outlets will still be the same. So, they will appear to many people as unchanged, as independent private companies, even as their financial survival depends upon keeping the Liberals in power.

Third, the incentives of the Liberal-NDP government and the media now perfectly align. They both have an interest in gaslighting Canadians about the decline of our nation. They both have an interest in passing legislation like Bill C-18 that hurts independent media. They both have an interest in directing more and more taxpayer dollars towards the legacy press.

Thus, the Liberals have now found another coalition member. In addition to Jagmeet Singh and the supine NDP, the Liberals can now count the media as their fully bought-off partner.

There is something else that makes this dynamic deeply destructive to our nation:

The Liberals are going down ugly. 

Whether it’s trying to divide Canadians over Ukraine, blaming Pierre Poilievre for a mass shooting in Winnipeg, bringing up Trump non-stop, or giving a carbon tax exemption to some ‘Liberal-friendly’ provinces while continuing to screw over the rest of us, the Liberals have shown they’re willing to tear the country apart in a desperate bid to stay in power. 

And with the legacy media on their side, the media is going down the same ugly route as well.

Just look at how much attention was paid to Pierre Poilievre accurately quoting news reports about a car crash and explosion at the border, and then consider how they’ve completely ignored a disgusting Tweet by Liberal MP Ken Hardie who sought to blame Poilievre after four people were shot and killed in Winnipeg.

We can expect to see that only get worse. 

It was no coincidence that mere days after the Liberals announced their expanded journalist subsidy, the tone of the media towards Poilievre turned even more negative. Almost on cue, and en masse, the legacy press went after Poilievre in a coordinated fashion.

With zero evidence of any actual decline in support for Poilievre, the media started to perpetuate the idea that he ‘had a bad week,’ and sought to portray him as divisive, even though he has both higher positive ratings and lower negative ratings than Trudeau. They attacked him for ‘daring’ to push back against a biased question, as if the media is allowed to say whatever they want but nobody is allowed to say anything back.

It was so obvious – coming right after Trudeau announced the quasi-nationalization of the legacy press – that it showed the tremendous contempt much of the media has for the Canadian People. 

The press feels entitled to take our taxpayer dollars, act as propaganda agents for the Liberals, and then posture as if we aren’t allowed to call them out on it or criticize them.

And now, they’re going all in on perpetuating the Liberal line against the Conservatives.

So, we must acknowledge where we are, and prepare for a difficult fight.

The Liberals, the NDP, and the media are all desperate to stop the Conservatives.

And this means that all of us who want change and want to save our nation must fight not only against the far-left Trudeau Liberals, but also against the biased media that has allowed themselves to be bought off by the government. 

It will be a difficult fight, as the Liberal-NDP-Media Pact has proven to have no depths to which they won’t go in their effort to maintain control over Canada.

But we have the truth on our side, and with resolve and confidence we can emerge victorious, salvage our democratic institutions and our prosperity, and finally begin turning our crumbling nation back from the brink.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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