Kathleen Wynne is Getting Desperate


Kathleen Wynne is lashing out, calling Patrick Brown's recent announcement of much-needed budget and tax cuts "nonsense." 

The criticism is rich, coming from the leader behind the largest sub-national debt in the world, and one who has fallen below even Nixon-ian levels of approval as the final days of her reign of terror come to an end! 

Brown's "People's Guarantee" might turn out to be little more than an election strategy, but it's something, anything, for a province crippled by a decade of mismanagement of hydro, health, transit, and just about every other public service. 

Luckily, there is finally an end in sight! 

Help keep the pressure on Premier Wynne with a contribution to our latest billboard campaign, coming soon to a premier location near Queen's Park! With Wynne getting desperate, and turning to her big-union contacts to help eek-out another election win, it's more important than ever that hard-working Ontarians remain vigilant and on the ball against her tactics.

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