Hypocrite Trudeau Axes The Tax!


Even Justin Trudeau was just forced to admit that Canadians can't afford life under his fledgling coalition regime.

In case you missed it, just as Pierre Poilievre was set to kickstart his 'Axe the Tax' rally throughout Atlantic Canada, Justin Trudeau pulled an eight-years-too-late about-face on his punitive and ineffective carbon taxes, in a desperate attempt to placate Liberal caucus and the thousands of disenfranchised working voters who continue to be pushed away from his party each day.

Not only has he admitted that life is needlessly too expensive on his watch -- for no net benefit to the environment to date -- but he's even been forced to tacitly admit that his so-called "price on pollution" has always been political, not scientific in nature.

He doesn't suddenly care about the thousands out East with homes still running on home heating oil, who were set to struggle to stay warm this winter under the net-zero delusions of 'Trubeault' (policies which are now being abandoned by many Canadian allies), he's scrambling to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic before his coalition comes crashing down in 2024, or he's sent on his walk in the snow in 2025.

Either way, this is the beginning of the end for the worst prime minister in our history, who has helped serve up an institutional crisis on every front, and whether it's been through sheer incompetence or malice, has worked to rob entire generations of young working Canadians from ever owning a home, living a life of relative affordability, or heck, even being able to sign up for a family doctor or walk the streets of a safe and clean downtown in their nearest city.

We've had enough, millions have had enough, and this desperate act will now only further inflame tensions from coast-to-coast, where provinces like Alberta now have every right to ask: "Where's our relief, Justin?"

Forget crumbs of relief for home heating oil out East, ALL CANADIANS must be spared the carbon tax on ALL heating sources, be it natural gas or propane, so they can best survive our harsh winter to come, and an equally harsh climate of government-created inflation.

Atlantic Canadians cannot even take Trudeau at his word, because we know it means so little.

With additional news breaking that his radical, orange jumpsuit-wearing Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault is promising to no longer trample over provincial jurisdiction after being slapped down by the Supreme Court, it's clear that we're witnessing a deeply unpopular group in full retreat.

But retreat is not surrender, and for a group with no principles other than "stay in power, no matter what it takes," it's time to turn up the heat.

We're proud of our grassroots advocacy that has helped bring about the beginning of the end of these harmful and out-of-touch limousine Liberal policies, but the hard work must continue.

It's time to convince millions of Canadians that carbon taxes from coast to coast must end. It's time to innovate, not continue to tax, ban, and subsidize, which has only brought about an end to Canadian prosperity for millions.

This is the moment. They're in retreat. But a desperate and duplicitous Trudeau can never be trusted.

Pierre's right, we need to 'Axe the Tax.'

... And then the government.

Now's our chance.

Help be the change. We need to have our best fundraising effort of the quarter to provide the pioneering grassroots advocacy needed to bring about the end of do-nothing carbon taxes, and the end of the ruinous Liberal-NDP coalition. If you're presently able, chip in $25, $100, or whatever you can afford.


Peter Coleman
President & CEO
National Citizens Coalition