Alienation Nation: Fall Election, Vaccine 'Passports' Unpopular

Election survey results: Fall election, vaccine ‘passports’ not popular among grassroots Canadians


Is it really any surprise that the mainstream, Liberal-friendly narrative on election polling and ‘vaccine passports’ would be misleading?

With an election call seemingly near, the National Citizens Coalition (NCC) sent out an election poll to 25,000 supporters and grassroots Canadians to learn about the issues that matter most to them.

The results were eye-opening, to say the least. And the picture that they paint is of a nation alienated and divided like never before.

Trudeau and an early election

Just 40% of NCC respondents feel this “early election is necessary.”

A whopping 99% answered that Trudeau does not deserve a majority government.

99% of grassroots Canadians are worried about the expansion of state censorship powers via Bills C-10, C-36, and other reported and rumoured legislation.

96% feel that there must be changes to Canada’s equalization formula to better serve Albertan interests, instead of just Quebec’s.

And 93% feel that the inflation that has occurred on Trudeau’s watch must become a pressing election issue.

Mandatory vaccines

The NCC also asked: “Now that Canada is setting belated vaccine uptake records, would you support ‘vaccine passport’ restrictions on the day-to-day life of your fellow Canadians?” A resounding 84% said no.

When asked if they could vote for a politician who supports those kinds of restrictions, 79% of respondents said no.

A commanding 91% of respondents said they would not support any more lockdowns in the coming fall or winter.

The Conservative Party of Canada

Here’s where it gets interesting. Even with a high percentage of those who were polled being moderate-to-right leaning, there appears to be real division and fatigue among the ranks.

Trudeau’s carbon tax may be overwhelmingly unpopular (99% against), but so too is federal Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole’s, with 89% disapproving. This could be a major problem for O’Toole with his base. 

When asked if they were happy with the present direction of the Conservative Party of Canada, only 20% of those who replied said they were. A slim majority are even considering a vote for a right-leaning candidate outside of the CPC. While the PPC and the Maverick Party (in the West) are still unlikely to win any seats, they pose a growing threat to the Tory lock on right-leaning voters.

74% are considering making a strategic vote against Justin Trudeau, regardless of party allegiances. That might register as a saving grace for O’Toole.

Perhaps most telling, when asked who should be the next prime minister of Canada, no current candidate fared particularly well. O’Toole finished a distant second to “other”.

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