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Freedom is making a comeback, and here at the National Citizens Coalition, Canada's pioneering political non-profit, we're committed to winning hearts and minds away from Justin Trudeau, and back towards Canadian principles of More Freedom, and Less Government. 

We care about cost of living, safety, housing, Chinese election interference, institutions that actually work, supporting our energy sector, less taxes, reasonable immigration numbers, and freedom from government censorship – and we bet you do too.

That’s why, together, we have to continue to provide a counter-signal to these destructive Liberal policies of managed decline, and win hearts and minds away from the champagne socialists who wish your prosperity harm.

Canada can be so much more. We can return to liberty again, take back control, and remove the red tape. In order for that to happen, we need the thorough defeat of Justin Trudeau and his radical, corrupted agenda.

We’re here to help. Join the grassroots coalition standing up to the Liberal-NDP coalition.

If you share our alarm, your support is most welcome. And make sure to follow our work on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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