Forced Carbon Tax a Losing Issue

It's happening now.

Justin Trudeau has announced the move to force his divisive, unpopular carbon tax on all non-compliant provinces. This is an issue that has divided the country, and opposition to this flawed carbon tax plan has helped decide provincial elections.

A national "price on pollution" (which, to be fair, is a clever way of avoiding the word "tax") will be imposed on Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. And you'd have to think Alberta under Jason Kenney will be joining those ranks in 2019 as well.

We already know this government is more interested in kowtowing to the elite in Paris, and treats doom-and-gloom UN reports as dogma -- all to the detriment of Canada's energy industry, and your wallet. 

So how are they trying to sell this to taxpayers? A rebate, of course. Never mind that it's our own money. 

And ask yourself, do you really believe this government will give back more than it takes away? And how high will this "price on pollution go?" $100 a tonne, $200 a tonne? $500? That same UN report suggests it reaches over $5000! 

In the lead up to this morning's announcement, we've been polling concerned taxpayers on Facebook and Twitter, and the results have been emphatically clear. 


Today, Trudeau and his climate crusaders picked a fight with provinces and taxpayers, in order to keep his UN pals happy. 

It's yet another example of a government that's proven time and again that it's tone-deaf to the concerns of average Canadians. 

Only this time, he's finally picked a losing battle.


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