FERNANDO: Who Voted For The Trudeau Foundation?

Who Voted For The Trudeau Foundation?

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Do you remember seeing “Trudeau Foundation” on the ballot during the last federal election?

How about the election before that?

How about the one before that?


Well, it seems that despite their notable absence from the ballot, the Trudeau Foundation apparently runs our country.

Let’s recap:

A Prime Minister named Trudeau is mired in a scandal regarding Communist China interfering in our electoral institutions.

A key aspect of that scandal is connections between the Trudeau Foundation and donors from China.

The Prime Minister’s brother signed for the donation that is at the centre of the scandal surrounding the Trudeau Foundation’s alleged involvement.

The Prime Minister appointed a former Trudeau Foundation member who also happens to be his family friend – David Johnston – to decide whether a public inquiry would be called, even though Trudeau could have called one at any time. 

David Johnston was rightfully criticized for a perceived conflict-of-interest. 

In response to that criticism, he sought the opinion of former Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci.

Frank Iacobucci is a former Trudeau Foundation ‘Mentor.’

Iacobucci said there was no problem.

In essence, those running the country faced a choice between protecting our institutions from Communist China or protecting the Trudeau Foundation.

That decision was made by people who all have a clear reputational and political interest in not finding out anything untoward regarding the Trudeau Foundation’s connections with China.

And guess what they ‘found’?

No inquiry was needed!

It’s even worse than that of course.

Not only did David Johnston claim an inquiry isn’t needed, but he spent much of his press conference criticizing the media using very similar language to Trudeau’s most rabid partisans.

He chose to push back against some specific media reporting surrounding China’s election interference. He did so based on ‘information’ he claims to have, but that he won’t share.

He also ignored many other news reports regarding China’s interference in our country.

In short, he did exactly what a highly partisan Trudeau appointee would be expected to do, all while hiding behind his reputation as a supposed ‘eminent Canadian.’

He literally expects us to just take his word for it, with our democracy and rights & freedoms at stake.

To say this is despicable would be a massive understatement.

At a crucial moment, David Johnston chose to do the bidding of Justin Trudeau instead of standing up for Canadian democracy.

He sold out the country.

He betrayed the country.

And that will be his legacy.

Of course, that betrayal is ongoing.

Johnston isn’t stepping aside from the role.

In fact, he is recommending hearings – which he will preside over.

Thus, he will continue to help Trudeau by creating the appearance of ‘action,’ all while ignoring what most Canadians and most MPs have called for – a real independent public inquiry.

Having read all of that, take a moment to consider the following:

Johnston’s report didn’t mention the Trudeau Foundation once.

The report is over 25,000 words yet doesn’t mention the Trudeau Foundation.

That really says it all.

Clearly, the Special Rapporteur was always about protecting Justin Trudeau, protecting the Trudeau Foundation, and ensuring that no real action would be taken to stand up to Communist China.

Time for a government name change?

As I noted, most MPs have voted for a public inquiry.

Every poll shows most Canadians want a public inquiry.

Who didn’t want a public inquiry?

Communist China (who hinted, not subtly, that a public inquiry would be a ‘provocation’), Justin Trudeau, David Johnston, and the most extreme Liberal partisans. Now, in a democratic country, most MPs and most of the public would have gotten their way on this issue. If our democracy was functioning, we would already be in the middle of a public inquiry.

Of course, that’s not what happened.

So, it’s time to start asking ourselves whether we need to give the Canadian government a new name?

Why not call it the Trudeau Foundation?

After all, the whole power structure now seems to serve Justin Trudeau’s interests above everything else.

He isn’t held accountable – even with a minority government. 

He appoints his friends to decide if his government should face a real investigation, and they ‘shockingly’ rule that everything is just fine.

We never voted for the Trudeau Foundation to run our country, yet that’s exactly what seems to have happened.

Thus, David Johnston’s decision wasn’t only a despicable partisan act, it was a direct assault on Canada’s democratic institutions.

The winners from Johnston’s decision are clear: China, Justin Trudeau, and the Trudeau Foundation.

As for the losers: Canadian democracy and the Canadian people.

The fight for our rights and freedoms has now become even more difficult because those undermining our country from both within and without will be even more emboldened by what David Johnston did. But continue to fight, we must.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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