FERNANDO: The Hypocrisy of 'Two-Plane Trudeau'

HYPOCRITE: ‘Two-Plane Trudeau’ Thinks He Can Break The Rules He Expects You To Follow

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


After it was revealed that Justin Trudeau has been using two campaign planes this entire time while his opponents are all using one each, some Trudeau apologists tried to pass it off as ‘nothing,’ and question why it was even being discussed.

But those apologists have missed the point entirely.

It’s not about Trudeau having two planes.

It’s about his hypocrisy.

Two planes is simply the latest glaring example of how Justin Trudeau thinks rules are for everybody except himself.

He thinks he can break the very same rules he expects you to follow.

Trudeau said he had ‘zero tolerance’ for any sort of past misconduct, then gave himself a pass for groping accusations.

He said he supported reconciliation while arrogantly dismissing Grassy Narrows activists (“thanks for your donation”), he's fighting the compensation for FN youth who suffered through the on-reserve child welfare system, and he fired Canada’s first Indigenous Attorney General when she didn’t do his bidding, replacing her with someone who just happened to go to the same university he did.

And of course, he demonized his opponents as bigots and racists, while having worn blackface numerous times.

That’s just a small sample of Trudeau’s rampant hypocrisy, and his two plane debacle simply adds to the undeniable trend.

Justin Trudeau expects you to live in a certain way, he expects you to make financial sacrifices, he expects you to be ruined if you offend ‘wokeness,’ but he exempts himself from all of that.

Just like the Hollywood elites who call themselves ‘climate champions,’ while living in gargantuan mansions, owning dozens of cars, private jets, boats, and travelling around the world racking up a massive carbon footprint, Justin Trudeau sees Canadians as below him, as people who exist as part of his ‘life journey,’ and otherwise don’t deserve the same opportunities he has.

It’s a disgrace, and it’s something Canadians must not reward on Election Day.

Trudeau, and his apologist cronies, must be sent a clear message, because that message is not only for him, it’s for any other leader who one day thinks they can arrogantly impose a set of rules on the Canadian People and then exempt themselves from those very same rules.

Our government is supposed to be our servant, not an overlord. And a truly servile government would be led by people who subject themselves to the same rules they impose on others. Trudeau’s unwillingness to do that is one of many reasons he is manifestly unfit to lead our great nation.

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