FERNANDO: Trudeau's Foreign Policy Lies In Ruins

Trudeau’s Foreign Policy Lies In Ruins

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


As we are seeing in headlines around the world, this planet can be an unpredictable and chaotic place.

With that in mind, we can understand if leaders get things wrong once in a while.

But when a leader gets so many things wrong, it’s more than just a simple mistake. It’s about a worldview that is simply at odds with reality.

And when we take a look at Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy, we can see that every single bet made by Trudeau and the Liberals has been a losing bet.

Trudeau based Canada’s foreign policy on multiple assumptions:

Canada should get closer to China.

Canada should depend on increased immigration for growth.

Canada should distance ourselves from our Western allies, particularly the United States.

Canada should weaken our energy sector in favour of international environmental agreements.

Canada should increase our reliance on institutions like the United Nations and World Health Organization.

Canada should continue our weak contribution to NATO by keeping military spending low.

Each of those assumptions has been demolished.

Everyone – except perhaps Justin Trudeau – can see that China is hostile to all free nations, and has become an adversary, not a friend. Their kidnapping of our citizens, their concentration camps, their assault on Hong Kong’s democracy, their threats to our allies, and their decision to let flights out of Wuhan thus allowing the CCP Virus to spread are all the acts of a hostile power we must distance ourselves from. Canadians have realised this, with polls showing we have decisively turned against China.

When it comes to immigration, Canada’s already-high immigration numbers were dramatically increased under the Liberals, despite public opinion being against those increases. Notably, before the pandemic hit, Canada’s economic growth rates were far lower than in the United States, despite the per-capita immigration rate in the US being far lower. This meant that much of Canada’s economic ‘growth’ was simply population growth, whereas growth in the US was based on real productivity increases. And now, a report by RBC Economics is warning that the immigration-fuelled growth strategy being undertaken by Canada could be derailed due to the ongoing pandemic-related travel restrictions around the world.

When it comes to our allies, the Trudeau Liberals clearly tried to distance Canada from our traditional allies in the United States, the UK, and Europe, while pursuing deeper relations with China. As noted above, that was a total disaster.

On the issue of the energy sector, nearly every oil-producing nation is continuing to expand and invest in their oil sector, seeking to ensure that they profit from the many decades to come in which oil demand will remain high. Meanwhile, the Trudeau Liberals seem to be the only people who don’t realize that all the other countries are simply spouting environmental rhetoric while doing the opposite. For example, Japan signs on to all the agreements, yet they are building new coal plants. Saudi Arabia and Russia provide massive government support to their oil sectors to ensure their industry remains dominant. Yet here in Canada, we are actively hurting our own workers and our economy to try and win points from countries who couldn’t care less.

Trudeau has gone on a seemingly endless campaign for a UN Security Council seat, wasting a massive amount of taxpayer dollars in an attempt to bribe foreign countries to vote for us. Of course, the seat itself is meaningless, since China & Russia have vetoes, and we would almost always be voting with our allies in the US, UK, and France anyway. And, as you know very well, trusting the World Health Organization was literally a deadly mistake, with the WHO having been corrupted by China and providing false information that delayed our response, which led to our foolish ‘leaders’ keeping the borders open far too long, and then devastating our economy, causing even more despair, loss, and suffering.

And, on the issue of military spending, Canada now finds our armed forces in dire conditions, just as China increases their aggression and the world becomes more dangerous. Ironically, the same politicians who constantly talk about the importance of ‘alliances’ and the ‘rules based order,’ fail to realize that without a strong national defence, our ability to contribute to our NATO alliance will be non-existent, and we will play no role in defending the ‘rules-based order’ from rising threats like China.

As you can see, on each foreign policy assumption made by the Trudeau Liberals, the government has been totally wrong.

The total failure of Trudeau’s foreign policy has led to our nation being immensely weak and vulnerable at precisely the worst moment. The true strength and potential of the Canadian People – strength our nation has shown repeatedly throughout our history – has been supressed, with political correctness, naivety, and cowardice having replaced it at the highest level of government.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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