FERNANDO: Trudeau Is Too Weak To Stand Up To China

Trudeau Is Too Weak To Stand Up To China

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


With Canadian public opinion having turned massively against China, and with new Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole taking a tough stance against the Communist State that resonates with Canadians, Justin Trudeau is belatedly trying to take a tougher line.

And when I say ‘belatedly,’ I mean it.

He is very late to the game.

In a recent government statement, the Liberal government criticized China over their camps in Xinjiang and their destruction of democracy in Hong Kong.

And Trudeau has condemned China’s ‘hostage diplomacy,’ as has Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan.

There are also musings in some articles that – partly in response to O’Toole’s tougher tone – the Liberals plan to get tougher on China as well.

Yet, there is a simple problem with all of this:

Justin Trudeau is too weak to do it.

Think for a moment about how we got here in the first place:

Justin Trudeau said he admires China’s ‘basic dictatorship.’

He tried moving Canada closer to China’s influence.

He repeatedly allowed China to buy Canadian companies – including companies in sensitive national security sectors.

He refused – and still inexplicably continues to refuse – to ban Huawei.

And that was all before China kidnapped two of our Citizens, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

Then, after all of that, Trudeau and his cronies kept letting flights in from China, even with warnings about the virus, and called Canadians ‘racist’ for wanting to temporarily shut the borders.

In response to all of this, including China’s lies about the virus and kidnapping of Canadians, Trudeau has done nothing.

Literally nothing.

Unless of course you count a few statements that are marginally tougher than the pablum he was previously dishing out.

But in terms of actual actions?


And that is the issue here.

Trudeau simply appears too weak to do anything real.

After all, considering how many simple things he could do easily, why hasn’t he done them?

Why hasn’t he banned Huawei?

Why hasn’t he imposed legislation that would help stop foreign homebuyers from making our cities unaffordable for our own Citizens?

Why hasn’t he issued aggressive tariffs on certain Chinese products?

Why hasn’t he issued a blanket ban on all takeovers of Canadian companies by Chinese state-owned firms?

These are all things that could be done quickly.

Even doing one of them, just one of them, would demonstrate some resolve.

And yes, I can already hear the voices of the corrupt elites who claim this would ‘damage Canada’s economy,’ as if they are willing to sacrifice everything our country stands for and sell us out to China in order to get a possible boost in GDP.

Of course, that is the point. We must prove our willingness to take tough actions, even actions that have consequences in Canada, in order to show strength and resolve against the CCP.

Otherwise, we aren’t a country, we aren’t a people, and we aren’t a nation with values.

At this point, it is clear that Justin Trudeau is simply hoping that people will be swayed by tough words, without looking for any action behind it.

And given that the corrupt media is in the tank for him, it’s possible that he’ll get away with it.

As a result, China’s infiltration of our country would continue unabated, and would become even more sinister since people would think it had been stopped.

That’s why all of us need to reach out to our family and friends – particularly those who don’t follow politics – and explain how China poses a threat, and how Trudeau’s weakness makes that threat even worse.

We have a responsibility as Canadians to live up to the values our nation is based on, and fight back against any ‘leader’ who fails to do what is right.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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