FERNANDO: The Worst Of The Liberal Desperation To Come

In Their Increased Desperation, Expect The Liberals To Push Their Ideology Of Envy, Dependency & Division More Aggressively Than Ever

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Recent polls have been brutal for the Trudeau Liberals.

Having already long since fallen out of even the mid-30s, the Liberals are now at just 26.7% in the most recent Nanos poll.

They trail the Conservatives by 9 points and are closer to the third-place NDP than they are to the first-place CPC.

Trudeau also trails Pierre Poilievre by 5 points as the top choice for Prime Minister, which is always a dangerous sign for an incumbent PM.

29% pick Poilievre, while just 24% pick Trudeau.

We are seeing every indication that a significant portion of Canadians – even many who had once supported the Liberals – are ready to move on from Trudeau.

And every week, tales of Beijing-Liberal collusion grow worse.

The problem for the Liberals is that this isn’t just the result of one or two scandals. It’s a result of Canadians perceiving the reality around them.

People can see that everything is more expensive.

People can see that services are declining.

People can see that taxes are higher.

People can see that crime is increasing. 

People can see that the nation is more divided.

People can see that the government spends more, and we all get less.

This is why the Liberals are so desperate. Reality simply isn’t cooperating with their ideological agenda.

Now, a reasonable government would adapt to this. They would adapt to reality.

But there is no indication the Liberals are reasonable.

They have already purged those who are willing to push back against Trudeau’s ideological excesses. A few sometimes-principled exceptions like Anthony Housefather are basically alone within the Liberal Caucus. Jody Wilson-Raybould represented what could have been a relatively ethical and principled Liberal government, and Trudeau quickly removed her. Now, nearly all who remain are sycophants.

The same goes for the NDP.

Despite a lack of electoral success, Jagmeet Singh retains his hold on the NDP. They are so locked into an identity-politics lens, and so unwilling to elevate success over failure (the NDP has an obvious obsession with failure and weakness somehow being ‘virtuous’) that he has control over the party. And with that control, Singh has turned the NDP into an extension of the Trudeau Liberals.

Thus, such a deeply ideological grouping will respond to public opinion in the only way they know how: Ignore it and double-down.

For a very long time, the collectivist, envy-based, tribalistic identity politics pushed by politicians like Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh has gone unchallenged in Canada.

In addition to building pathetic personality cults around themselves, Trudeau & Singh have created a cult of dependency and a cult of victimhood. They elevate criminals. They strip people of their personal responsibility. They deny human agency, and instead blame ‘society’ for the actions of criminals. They suppress freedom of thought and freedom of action, imposing ever-expanding government programs, restrictions on speech, and reliance upon the centralized state.

Their agenda is also inherently – and deliberately – divisive. Instead of valuing individuals on their merits or actions, they judge people based on what identity tribe they belong to. People in tribes that can be labelled as ‘victims’ are elevated and encouraged to envy and then despise those in tribes labelled as ‘oppressors.’ Not only does this kind of thinking destroy the bonds of citizenship, but it also encourages a despising of those who built Canada, and the values of self-reliance, individual freedom, and personal responsibility upon which Canada was built.

In short, Trudeau, Singh, and their core supporters are turning Canada from a land of ambition and potential – a place where people could strive to overcome challenges and grow stronger in the process – to a place where weakness and victimhood take precedence over everything else, and where the government grows more and more powerful without limit.

Of course, this agenda of envy, dependency, and division is always framed in positive terms. And many people buy into those positive terms. 

To defeat that agenda, it must be challenged at the core, and each of us must be a part of that challenge.

After all, do you really think Trudeau & Singh will back down?

Instead, they will keep doubling-down. They will keep pushing. They will keep attacking law-abiding gun owners. They will keep making life easier for criminals. They will keep taking more of our tax dollars (the Liberals are already pushing a second carbon tax). They will keep expanding the size and scope of government. They will keep pushing us further into debt (while claiming we have no right to know how much it costs to service that debt).

They aren’t going to stop unless they are forced to stop, and that requires not only defeating them politically, but in laying the groundwork for a direct ideological challenge to their destructive values. The former can’t happen without the latter.

This is something Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has done quite effectively. Poilievre refuses to adhere to the Liberal-NDP narrative. This is a big reason he has had so much success. But it’s not something that can be left to just one person. 

Every one of us who is opposed to what Trudeau & Singh are doing to our country must also be part of showing Canadians that a more positive vision for our future is possible.

Canada has everything we need to succeed and achieve untold levels of prosperity. All we need to do is reject the ideology of envy, dependency, and division and replace it with a mindset that values individual freedom, that sees the heroic potential in human beings, that sees people as able to overcome challenges and become stronger, to elevate the best among us rather than pandering to the worst, to judge people by their actions rather than their tribal identities, and to trust that Canadians can achieve great things if the government stops shackling our ambition and opportunities.

That is the kind of hopeful vision so many struggling Canadians have been waiting to hear, and it’s the kind of vision that gives us the confidence that better days are coming.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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