FERNANDO: On China, Trudeau & The Liberals Are Complicit

Justin Trudeau And The Liberals Are Rapidly Becoming Complicit In China’s Undermining Of Our Democracy

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Corrupted institutions are quite often brought down from the inside, rather than the outside.

A tipping point is reached when a critical mass of insiders – who once identified with the institution in question – can no longer go along with what is happening.

Their consciences get the better of them, and out of a desire to either protect their own reputations or remain true to their professed values, they turn against the institution and help to either bring it down, or change its leadership.

Many Canadians are now wondering if that will happen to the Liberal Party of Canada.

In response to multiple highly disturbing reports detailing China’s efforts to interfere in the 2021 federal election to help Trudeau and hurt the Conservatives – efforts which Chinese officials later reportedly bragged about and felt were quite successful – the Liberals have demonstrated a complete unwillingness to stand up for our national security.

Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell claimed that wanting to investigate China’s foreign interference was a “Trump-type” tactic.

And then, Justin Trudeau claimed that those who raised concerns about China’s interference in our election were attempting to ‘undermine’ confidence in democracy:

“Foreign governments and foreign actors are trying to undermine peoples’ confidence in democracy itself. And amplifying, and giving reasons, giving partisan reasons, to mistrust the outcome of an election, mistrust the experts an Elections Canada and in our security services and our top public servants who are saying that the election integrity held – that’s something that we’ve seen from elsewhere is not a good path to go down for society or for democracy.”

That’s a level of gaslighting that is truly mind-boggling.

Trudeau is trying to get Canadians to believe that talking about China’s undermining of our democracy is itself undermining our democracy.

Trudeau has also seemed most concerned about Canadians finding out about Beijing’s effort to help him win, rather than the interference itself.

Trudeau and his chosen mouthpieces are making fools of themselves with their contradictory and desperate statements.

But behind the absurdity of their comments is a disturbing reality:

They are still in power, and they will still decide what – if anything – is done about China’s attempt to undermine our democracy.

Every indication so far is that Trudeau intends to do nothing, and worse than that, intends to launch a hunt to find out who is sharing this information with Canadians.

At this point, CSIS is trying to warn Canadians that our democracy is under threat, and the Prime Minister is doing everything he can to stop people from talking about it.

How can anyone see this as acceptable?

How can any Canadian put up with it?

And for the Liberal MPs who still have a sense of duty to the nation – and there must be some of them – how can they allow themselves to be complicit in this?

Think of someone like Anthony Housefather, who I praised in a recent column.

Does anyone think he went into politics to allow China to interfere in Canadian elections?

Does anyone think he really believes it’s a “Trump-type” tactic to call out election interference?

Of course not.

It’s reasonable to assume that MPs like Housefather and some other Liberals are appalled by what is going on, but fear speaking out.

There is immense pressure within the Canadian political system to “stick with your team,” even when unethical things are happening.

And Liberal MPs are certainly well aware of how Trudeau has treated those – like Jody Wilson-Raybould – who spoke out against his unethical governance.

But there comes a time when they must weigh their concern for their own political career with the damage being done to our country.

Our institutions have already hemorrhaged so much trust, and to have a sitting PM desperately trying to benefit from China’s election interference and stop people from talking about it will corrode what little trust remains.

This is deeply dangerous, for two key reasons.

First of all, having a ruthless Communist State gaining more and more influence over our nation would deprive the Canadian people of any real ability to influence the future of our nation, turning us into nothing but a vassal state of the CCP. That would be a disgraceful insult to all of those who fought and died throughout history to defend our nation and our values.

Second, further erosion of our institutions will make it impossible for Canadians to work together at a time when the world is becoming more dangerous. Right now, Canadians need to know they can trust our leaders to act in our national interest, and need to have faith that our core values and principles are worth defending.

How can we rebuild our moribund armed forces if we are demoralizing our populace through the demonization of our history, and if we can’t even be sure our own prime minister is on the side of Canadians?

Being divided and unable to trust our leaders leaves us far too vulnerable.

Our country is heading in a very dangerous and disturbing direction, and all patriotic Canadians – regardless of where we may be on the political spectrum – need to work together and demand that the government takes action to protect Canada from China’s influence.

We can accept nothing less.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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