FERNANDO: Canada's Cheap And Everything's Expensive

Canada’s Cheap And Everything’s Expensive

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Is it possible for a country to become cheaper and more expensive at the same time?

If we’re just looking at things from an economic perspective, then of course not. It’s an either-or proposition.

But if we’re looking at what it means to be Canadian, as the strength of our values and our national identity, then it is absolutely possible for a nation to become ‘cheaper’.

And what happens when you combine the cheapening of our sense of being Canadian and an economy that is rapidly declining, thus stripping Canadians of our purchasing power?

Well, you end up with Canada under the Trudeau Liberals:

A cheap nation where everything is expensive.

An even better way to put this is that the Liberals have cheapened two of the things that matter most to a country:

Citizenship, and money.

And in both cases, they’ve done so by rapidly increasing the supply at an unsustainable rate.

For example, the Liberals just announced that Canadians who were born outside of Canada and who have children outside of Canada will be able to pass their citizenship along.

As noted by the National Post, this is a reversal of a change made during the Harper era:

“Under changes brought in by Stephen Harper’s Conservative government in 2009, Canadians born abroad could only pass along citizenship to children they had in Canada. The change had followed Ottawa evacuating people from Lebanon during its 2006 war with Israel, only to find that some people demanding Ottawa’s help only had connections to Canada through their parents.”

Now, the Liberals will claim the courts forced their hand by striking down the Harper-era change, but the Liberals were happy to make this change. And make no mistake, the far-left courts have spent years advancing the Liberal agenda on issue after issue, turning Canada into some sort of bizarro world of maximalist rights for criminals, terrorists, hard drug pushers, and non-citizens, while heavily restricting Canadians who wanted to save their business during the pandemic, criminalizing law-abiding gun owners, allowing significant restrictions on speech, and turning law-abiding people into suckers who are at the whim of mentally-deranged lunatics who would be locked up in any serious country.

Furthermore, the Liberals have made it so someone needs to spend just three years in Canada to pass on their citizenship. Not three years in a row, just three overall.

And that’s not the only way the Liberals have cheapened Canadian citizenship.

Their insane immigration increases have flooded the country with people at an unsustainable rate, which has had disastrous effects.

This has led to a rising tide of public anger, further dividing Canadians.

And of course, let’s not forget how Trudeau has openly spoken of making Canada a post-national state, has shown contempt for Canadian history and traditions, and has distanced ourselves from our historic partners to pander to anti-Semites and anti-Western lunatics who hate everything Canada is supposed to stand for.

Trudeau has also cheapened our money.

Running up massive deficits – financed largely by the Bank of Canada – and ramping up spending year after year after year, Trudeau has flooded the country with borrowed money.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an equal flood of production to keep up.

Rather, the Liberals have pursued eco-socialist policies that have killed our productivity, restrained our energy sector, denied badly needed energy to our democratic allies, and destroyed hundreds of billions of dollars of potential investment.

And so, this flood of borrowed money combined with anti-productivity policies has had the inevitable result of cheapening our money, robbing Canadians of our purchasing power, and making our nation poorer on a per capita basis.

The Liberals like to feign ignorance on this, and still act as if they have no idea what’s going on.

For example, they seem unable to grasp why homelessness has gone up despite a 374% increase in federal spending on fighting homelessness, not realizing that if you want to make housing affordable you have to increase housing construction faster than you increase the population. 

Instead of doing the only common-sense thing possible here, the Liberals keep raising the population far above what the housing market can handle, while throwing money at people and programs that simply drive up housing demand, raise prices, and further cut our purchasing power.

The Cheapening of Canada

All of this has resulted in our once prosperous and hopeful nation becoming a place that is increasingly cheapened.

Life is increasingly cheap, with violent crime surging, lunatics walking the street instead of being locked up, and the government pushing state-sponsored suicide at every turn.

Being Canadian is cheap, with our country increasingly resembling nothing more than a hotel.

And our money is cheap, which makes everything more expensive and leaves Canadians on the sidelines as many of our economic peers pass us by.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Canada is a country that should be able to run on autopilot.

With all our natural resources and close ties to the powerful US economy, all Canada needs is a government that gets out of the way and lets ambitious and hardworking people restore our prosperity.

Canada doesn’t need to be cheap, and everything doesn’t need to be expensive.

If we Fire Trudeau, we can start to restore this nation to what it should be – a prosperous paradise.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a writer and campaign fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. Join the mailing list to receive his exclusive weekly columns in your inbox.

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