FERNANDO: Trudeau's Nightmare Start

Trudeau Campaign Off To Nightmare Start As SNC-Lavalin Scandal Returns With A Vengeance

By Spencer Fernando, exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition

If the Liberals had a worst-case scenario for their federal election kick-off, a story about them blocking an RCMP investigation into possible obstruction of justice would be among the top contenders.


In recent weeks, the Liberals have clearly attempted to cynically shift the focus to social issues, attempting – along with the help of much of the media – to refight old battles over abortion and same-sex marriage.

Alongside those efforts, the Liberals have been campaigning against Stephen Harper and Doug Ford, and tried attacking Andrew Scheer for being middle class.

That last move backfired horribly, with people pointing out how Justin Trudeau is an out-of-touch elitist millionaire who has zero idea what life is like for most Canadians.

So, the Liberals weren’t exactly off to a great start leading into the election.

But ever since the bombshell story that the Liberal government is blocking the RCMP from accessing testimony and information they need for a probe into possible obstruction of justice, the Liberal campaign has been on the defensive.

And it has just gotten worse from there.

The Globe & Mail released a second bombshell story, revealing that the RCMP has interviewed Jody Wilson-Raybould this week about possible political interference in the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

According to the story, Wilson Raybould spoke to the RCMP on Tuesday, September 10th.

She expressed her concern with the RCMP being denied information they need to investigate.

The Liberals know they will lose if the campaign is focused on ethics, and now they find themselves under a sustained assault on their horrible ethical record from the word go.

This is fitting, since the Liberals campaigned in 2015 on being the ‘most open and transparent’ government ever, yet have delivered endless corruption, deception, and contempt for Canadians and the rule of law.

Now, they are being made to answer for it, and they can’t just go run and hide.

With the Liberals showing weakness so early, we can expect the Conservatives and the other parties to be relentless in demanding answers, and demanding the Liberals stop blocking the RCMP from doing their jobs.

This may be a nightmare for the Trudeau Liberals, but for the Canadian people, it’s an opportunity to once again see the real face of the Trudeau Liberals behind the ‘sunny ways’ mask, and to finally find the truth, and get some justice, both through the legal system and at the ballot box.

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