FERNANDO: Canadians Must Fight The April Fools Tax Hike

Trudeau’s Upcoming April Tax Hike Proves He’s Deliberately Slashing Your Standard Of Living

Yet, it’s not inevitable. We can and must fight back.

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


There has always been tension between the eco-radical agenda of Justin Trudeau and Steven Guilbeault on the one hand, and the basic task of any government – to make people’s lives better – on the other.

If you pick the former, you are rejecting the latter, and vice versa.

Eco radicalism (AKA degrowth) is an extreme ideological movement based on imposing punishment and sacrifice on a population of ‘guilty polluters’ to ‘save’ the planet. 

Its promoters and adherents are so convinced of their righteousness, that no amount of evidence can persuade them to change course.

Guilbeault and Trudeau know that the emissions reductions from Canada even if we completely shut down our entire economy would be rapidly made irrelevant by China’s expanded use of coal power. 

Guilbeault and Trudeau know that the United States has cut emissions more effectively than Canada without a carbon tax, even as their per capita GDP growth has rapidly outpaced Canada and their energy sector has roared ahead (in part by embracing the massive opportunity of selling more LNG to Europe and Japan – something Justin Trudeau claimed there was ‘no business case’ for).

Guilbeault and Trudeau also know that every time they raise the carbon tax, more money is taken out of the pockets of already struggling Canadians.

Guilbeault and Trudeau know all of this, and they simply don’t care.

They have made their choice.

They have chosen to put their eco-radical agenda above helping the Canadian people. They have betrayed you.

Cutting our living standard, making Canadians poorer, taking more of our money, all of this is a DELIBERATE move by Trudeau, Guilbeault, and those who enable them. It’s what they want. It’s what their policies are intended to cause.

It’s no coincidence that you’re now seeing Liberals MPs trying to compare life in Canada to the worst parts of the planet, since that’s the only positive comparison they can get away with. Any comparison to our peer nations – rather than crumbling third-world countries – reveals that we are rapidly falling behind. And again, falling behind economically is exactly what you would expect when radical anti-growth policies are imposed on us by eco-radicals.

If anyone still naively believed the Liberal government cared about easing the burden on Canadians, the fact that they’re going ahead with the April Fools Carbon Tax hike should make it beyond obvious.

The carbon tax will increase by 23% on April 1st, in what will feel like a sick joke to many Canadians.

But there’s no punchline, just a punch in the gut to the millions of Canadians who are watching their money evaporate.

Time for some pressure

With all this being said, we should not just accept Trudeau’s latest carbon tax hike as an inevitability.

While Trudeau retains his cult-like hold over a segment of the Liberal base, that base has never been smaller than it is today.

Trudeau’s disdain for the backbench MPs in his party was something they could stomach when he seemed like a winner, but he is now a massively unpopular politician whom most Canadians are either completely ignoring, or actively working to defeat.

Thus, he no longer has the same kind of control over his Caucus. More and more Liberal MPs are fleeing his sinking ship – and thus have little to lose by voting against Trudeau’s wishes, and others still want to get re-elected, which means distancing themselves from hated policies like the carbon tax.

After years of ruling through fear and status, Trudeau’s status is lower than ever before, and he has far less ability to use fear to keep Liberal MPs in line.

And so, pressure can be brought upon Liberal MPs to finally repudiate the Trudeau–Guilbeault eco-radicalism that is wrecking our country and crushing the finances of Canadians.

While most Liberal MPs are eco-radicals themselves, it would only take a few dozen to buck the PMO and turn against the carbon tax hike to make a difference.

Canada needs to see the Liberals swept out of office so the carbon tax can finally be done away with in totality, but until then, Canadians need any break we can get, and halting Trudeau’s April 1st tax hike would provide at least some relief.

That’s why your voice is so important.

By contacting Liberal and NDP coalition MPs (click to find your nearest far-left MP) and encouraging them to scrap the carbon tax hike, and by encouraging your friends and family to make their voices heard, you can help bring immense pressure upon elected officials.

You can make them realize that continuing down the eco-radical path is political suicide, and you can make them realize that Canadians have had enough of seeing our hard-earned money be ripped out of our pockets by Trudeau, Guilbeault and his ilk.

You have power, you have influence, and together with the National Citizens Coalition we can use that influence to give our fellow citizens a desperately needed break from the burden of extreme Trudeau taxation.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a writer and campaign fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. Join the mailing list to receive his exclusive weekly columns in your inbox.

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