FERNANDO: Trudeau And Co. Simply Don't Care

Trudeau & His Cronies Know They’re Making Canada Worse, They Simply Don’t Care

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


For decades, ‘Two-Tiered Healthcare’ has been a scare-phrase used to silence anyone who even thought of questioning Canada’s socialist healthcare system (a system which is now collapsing).

The Liberals made their opposition to ‘Two-Tiered Healthcare’ a staple of their political offering to voters, and it has often benefitted them.

Sooner or later, however, reality does end up winning out, and a majority (59%) of Canadians now express support for allowing the private provision of health services.

But what makes all of this so ironic is that the Liberals have turned Canada into a Two-Tiered Nation.

There is one set of rules for us, and another set of rules for the Liberals.

There is one set of laws for us, and another set of laws for those the Liberals approve of.

Just look at what we’ve seen in the past week.

As reported by Blacklock’s, the wife of Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson has been glad to trade in oil & gas stocks, at a time when the Liberals are seeking to crush the oil & gas sector:

“Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson’s wife Tara has stepped up trading in oil and gas stocks, records show. The family’s fossil fuel investments continued even as Minister Wilkinson pledged to lead the ‘fight against climate change.’”

It would seem that ‘profiting from the climate crisis’ (to use the pathetic rhetoric of the Liberals), is okay if you’re connected to a Liberal minister.

Blacklock’s also revealed that Immigration Minister Marc Miller claim that allowing over 800,000 foreign students to work unlimited hours wouldn’t take any jobs away from Canadians was a claim based on absolutely no data whatsoever. That’s a nice way of seeing he completely lied to Canadians as he and the Liberals sought to flood the country with newcomers regardless of the consequences:

“Immigration Minister Marc Miller allowed 807,000 foreign students to work unlimited hours in Canada without any research on how it would impact Canadian jobseekers, records show. Miller said foreigners were not ‘taking jobs away from other people’ but never asked his department for data: ‘Right now we have nil response.’”

The Liberals thus put Canadian workers on a lower tier, prioritizing the citizens of our country less than they prioritize the ‘needs’ of foreign workers. And then, when Canadians express concern about this, the government shows further contempt for us by lying right to our faces.

And of course, we saw what happened to Rebel News Reporter David Menzies, who was treated like a criminal and outrageously arrested for trying to ask Chrystia Freeland a question.

The Liberals love to posture as defenders of ‘freedom of the press,’ but they have a ‘Two-Tiered’ vision of the press.

To the Liberals, the press and the media are those who take government money and say what the government wants them to say. Anyone who questions the government – what the legacy press used to be all about before they were taken over by the far-left and took government money – is seen as not worthy of freedom of the press.

As if that wasn’t enough, we now have two-tier policing as noted by Anthony Koch:

“A Victoria rabbi who called for people to stand in a crosswalk to block a pro-Hamas vehicle protest says police called to caution him that it’s illegal to block roads. When asked why pro-Hamas crowd can block roads, she said ‘we can’t arrest 500 people.’ Two-tier policing.”

This explains why many Liberal supporters seem so out of touch and delusional. They are generally either part of the ‘Trudeau can do no wrong cult,’ or they are part of Liberal power structure that is being inundated with taxpayer dollars amid rampant out of control spending.

For a very small portion of the country – those directly connected to the government – life is indeed getting better. That’s all the Liberals care about.

They know that Canada is getting worse for the vast majority of Canadians. They just don’t care.

It is beyond obvious at this point that Justin Trudeau and his cronies don’t care about the vast majority of Canadians.

If they did, they would repeal the carbon tax, bring spending under control, crack down on anti-Semitic mobs, protect our democratic institutions from hostile foreign powers, and stop gutting our military.

They refuse to do so.

While such an onslaught of deliberate destruction of our country from the government could create a sense of hopelessness for some, it is also important to recognize that Canadians are showing every willingness to decisively boot the Liberals from office.

In doing so, this country can make the choice to reject Justin Trudeau’s two-tiered vision of our nation. We can choose to reject the blatant coddling of anti-Semitic mobs. We can choose to reject the infiltration of our democratic institutions by hostile nations. We can choose to reject attacks on the freedom of the press. We can choose to reject the deliberate impoverishment of our society. We can choose to reject out-of-control immigration.

And most importantly, we can choose to reject Trudeau’s vision of a poor, desperate, and divided country, and instead embrace a vision of Canada based on national confidence, economic prosperity, and expanded freedom.

2024 will be a year of immense political struggle and negativity, but it can also be a year in which we truly start to take back our nation, and that is something that should give all of us as reason to look to the future with confidence.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a campaign fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. Join the mailing list to receive his exclusive weekly column for NCC supporters right to your inbox.

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