FERNANDO: The Tide Has Turned

The Tide Has Turned

The rage and hate shown by the Trudeau government and the establishment towards the Freedom Convoy is the outward expression of their loss of control over the narrative.

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


It’s fair to say that Canada has been one of the most docile and compliant nations on Earth over the past two years.

Justin Trudeau and other ‘leaders’ have taken advantage of this, doing everything they could to keep Canadians in a state of fear and desperation. 

Even as Canadians watched much of the rest of the world remove restrictions and open up – particularly as Omicron proved to be milder – Canada instead went the opposite direction, reverting almost entirely to the initial posture at the beginning of the pandemic: Lockdowns and ‘Two weeks to slow the spread’.

Indeed, the Trudeau government seemed to be racing to lock in as many divisive and discriminatory restrictions as they could, including a vaccine mandate for truckers that was designed to divide and inflame the nation.

Clearly, Trudeau and his corrupt power-hungry cronies believe they can keep Canadians scared and use that fear to amass more and more power.

And why wouldn’t they think that?

After all, most Canadians have gone along with everything else so far, and appeared unwilling to say, ‘enough is enough!’

Until now.

A new survey by Angus Reid shows that most Canadians now want to end all covid-related restrictions:

32% of Canadians say they strongly agree that it’s ‘time to end restrictions and let people self-isolate if they are at risk.’ 22% agree, for a total of 54% in favour.

By contrast, 24% disagree, and 16% strongly disagree, while 6% say they ‘aren’t sure/can’t say.’

This means there is a clear majority in favour of lifting restrictions.

What makes this more interesting and important is that the numbers have shifted rapidly in less than a month.

When Angus Reid asked the same question in a survey from January 7-12, 40% wanted to lift restrictions, while 55% were opposed.

Now, majorities in all regions except for Atlantic Canada want restrictions lifted.

And, when broken down by age and gender, all groups except for women 55+ want restrictions to be removed.

This is a dramatic shift, all the more so because it has taken place as politicians like Justin Trudeau and the establishment media continue to try and maintain the narrative of fear, crisis, and control.

No coincidence

It’s quite fitting that this survey is released amid the Freedom Convoy, as it shows that the convoy is quite representative of what most Canadians think.

Indeed, lifting all restrictions is one of the key messages of the convoy, and that message is now a majority position in this country.

It is now Justin Trudeau who represents a ‘fringe’ minority position, out of touch with Canadians and pushing an agenda that has been rejected by most of the country.

Let’s discuss that further.

Justin Trudeau loves to posture as some sort of arbiter of what Canadians believe, yet he has the dubious distinction of ‘winning’ the smallest share of the popular vote for anyone to form government.

For someone who has held on to power by the narrowest and weakest of margins, and who has had approval ratings in the negative for most of his tenure to now be lecturing the country is absolutely pathetic.

It’s almost as pathetic as the establishment press doing everything they could to demonize the convoy, focusing on one or two fools rather than on the vast majority of good, decent, patriotic Canadians who truly represent the convoy.

Notice how both Trudeau and the establishment press will demand ‘nuance’ and ‘understanding’ when a foreign terrorist commits a crime, yet speak in the most demonizing and divisive terms about Canadians who ‘dare’ have a different perspective.

And this is a big reason why there was so much rage and hate from Trudeau and the establishment towards the convoy.

It’s not about consistency or logic, it’s about power.

Trudeau and the establishment media can feel their power slipping away, they can feel Canadians tuning them out, and they can see that their narrative isn’t working as it once did.

Just look at how strongly regular Canadians of all backgrounds pushed back on social media when the elites tried to demonize the convoy. Rather than just accept the narrative, people came together and helped the true narrative dominate.

Even the CPC pushed back more than many would have expected, particularly MPs like Pierre Poilievre and Candice Bergen, who refused to concede the narrative battleground to the Liberals, and instead attacked back – as all strong leaders must do when criticized by those like the Liberals who completely lack credibility.

A different country

Canada is now a different country.

But not just in a negative sense.

Yes, we’ve seen how tenuous our freedoms are, and we’ve seen how easily many of our politicians and even some fellow citizens will give up those freedoms.

Yet, we’ve also now seen an unprecedented level of resistance from Canadians who have spoken up with more strength and power than this country has seen in a long time.

For those who stood on principle, and who defended our rights and freedoms even when nearly every politician and much of the public was mired in fear, this is a moment to realize that our voice has power, that we can have influence, and that the future of Canada is never set in stone.

There is always hope, so long as we remain true to our values and true to the vision of a Canada that is truly strong and free.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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