FERNANDO: The Real Threat To Canadian Democracy

The Trudeau Liberals Are The Biggest Threat To Canadian Democracy, And That Threat Is Growing By The Day

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


The Liberal response to Twitter accurately labelling CBC as “government-funded media” has been – to put it mildly – deranged.

Justin Trudeau was visibly upset, and lied by claiming CBC was an “independent media organization.”

A bunch of Liberal MPs Tweeted similar messages.

But the most unhinged response was from eco-extremist Steven Guilbeault:

“Millions of Canadians rely on CBC-Radio-Canada. @PierrePoilievre wants to shut down these home-grown information services, and sides with U.S. media giants. Poilievre is a threat to Canadian democracy, plain and simple.”

You surely know that the Liberals relentlessly complain about politics being ‘divisive’ and are demanding the power to control what we can and can’t see online. Yet, they seem not to care that they’re being exactly the hypocritical & divisive misinformation spreaders they claim to oppose.

With that said, Guilbeault should be careful when it comes to talking about “threats to democracy,” because that discussion won’t turn out the way he thinks.

Canada does indeed face a serious threat to our democracy, but that threat doesn’t come from Pierre Poilievre.

Rather, that threat comes from the Trudeau Liberals, and it’s a threat that is growing by the day.

The Liberals’ unhinged response – really a mental breakdown – to a simple label on Twitter contrasts with their desperate cover-up of China’s election interference.

Take a moment to really consider the implications of this.

Our country has been targeted by a Communist regime. Canadian citizens are being threatened. Our elections are being called into question. Trust in our institutions is collapsing. Our allies are losing confidence in us.

Yet, the Liberals won’t even call a public inquiry, and are instead hiding behind Trudeau family friend David Johnston – formerly associated with the Trudeau Foundation and a card-carrying member of the pro-China Liberal elite.

In the midst of the biggest scandal facing our democracy in decades – a scandal that threatens to undermine the foundation of our country itself – the Liberals are only concerned about their own short-term political interests.

Meanwhile, they are completely enraged about Twitter calling CBC what it is – a government-funded media organization.

Perhaps this doesn’t seem as absurd as it really is because we’ve been desensitized by Justin Trudeau’s horrific governance and seeming disloyalty to our nation. But it really is shocking to see how skewed the priorities of the Liberals are.

And their rage over a Twitter label is also a sign that they see it as a hindrance to their media consolidation and control efforts.

Step by step, the Liberals have sought to erode Canadian democracy and turn the media into an extension of the federal government. They’ve bailed out media institutions – thus making them dependent on government funding, they’ve expanded CBC’s budget (something they bragged about before they knew they would have to pretend CBC wasn’t government funded), and they’re passing legislation like C-11 and C-18 to crush free expression and destroy independent content creators while propping up state-loyal legacy outlets.

As an aside, let’s also remember that Liberal soft-on-crime policies are deeply destabilizing to democracies, because they result in law-abiding people being put at risk as criminals are unleashed to cause more violence and suffering. When a critical mass of the population feels they gain nothing by following the rules and start to feel like suckers for following the rules, things can fall apart fast. 

Just when you think all of that is enough of a threat, it turns out the Liberals aren’t content with seeking to silence their opponents and control the media. Now, they’re seeking to bypass Parliament itself.

According to a recent report by Jamie Skornak in the National Post, the Liberals have an “undemocratic plan to let bureaucrats make law on the fly,” which could make it “frighteningly easy to censor the internet or make sweeping gun bans”:

"At the end of March, Treasury Board President Mona Fortier announced a proposal to allow government documents (which can be easily changed by civil servants) to be given full legal force. It’s a proposal to change the rules about making rules. Specifically, it would allow all federal regulatory organizations the ability to make internal government documents into law via 'incorporation by reference.' This would give these internal documents the same authority as government regulations.

"Pesky regulations can only be changed by cabinet after following a set process, but internal government documents can be changed on the fly without any democratic oversight. The federal government hopes to give the latter the full force of the law because the current process is inefficient, it says. The proposal came with rhetoric that gave it a positive connotation; the news release announcing it described the proposed shortcuts as 'regulatory modernization.'"

This is the kind of thing you see in a country that is devolving from a democracy into an authoritarian state. Even with Jagmeet Singh as their loyal lapdog, the Liberals still want to be able to bypass Parliament – and the voters – entirely.

As Canadians, we have a habit of being relatively modest and measured in how we discuss things. We often don’t want to go “too far” and are worried we will exaggerate.

But that kind of thinking doesn’t serve us now.

Right now, the danger is that we won’t be aggressive enough in speaking out against the anti-democratic, anti-freedom version of the Liberal Party that controls our nation.

The Liberals are a clear and present danger to our country and our democratic system, and they are relentlessly seeking to overturn all our core values and institutions. Denying this, wishing it wasn’t true, or downplaying it does nothing to change the situation. The only way to change it requires us to first acknowledge the dark and dangerous reality facing our country, and then push back against it with all the resolve and strength we can muster.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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