FERNANDO: The Liberals Are Basing Their Entire Campaign On Lies

The Liberals Are Basing Their Entire Campaign On Lies

By Spencer Fernando, exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


‘Conservatives are pandering to white-supremacists.’

‘Doug Ford is gutting education in Ontario.’

‘Andrew Scheer is a racist homophobe.’

‘Stephen Harper never built a pipeline.’

‘Conservatives hate legal immigration.’

‘Middle-class Canadians are paying less taxes.’

‘Justin Trudeau believes in reconciliation.’

‘Canada’s back!’

What do all those statements have in common?

They’re all LIES.

And they’re all lies the Liberals are basing their re-election campaign on.

To get a sense of how deep the lying goes, just consider what Karina Gould – the minister of democratic institutions – has been up to lately.

She’s been the tip of the spear of the Liberal effort to control social media (even threatening to shut down Twitter in Canada), under the pretext of fighting so-called ‘misinformation.’

Yet, she recently Tweeted a claim that Doug Ford was ‘defunding’ education in Ontario.

That statement is a flat-out lie.

Education funding in Ontario is up. Full stop. There’s no debate or discussion about that. It is simply a fact.

So, Gould is deliberately spreading misinformation, the same thing she and the Liberals claim social media companies need to crack down on.

And the hypocrisy and dishonesty gets worse.

Did you ever notice how nobody ever called Andrew Scheer a racist or a homophobe when he was Speaker of the House of Commons?

Did you notice how the Liberals never raised any real problems or concerns when he got that job?

In fact, Scheer was widely-regarded by MPs of all parties, seen as a decent and uncontroversial person, even when partisans disagreed with his rulings as Speaker.

Yet, all of a sudden the Liberals are claiming that Scheer is ‘pandering’ to white-supremacists.

Do they really expect us to believe that?

Do they really expect us to think that Andrew Scheer just became a monster out of nowhere?

Let’s consider this for a second.

What’s the more likely scenario:

Andrew Scheer has always been a decent human being, and the Liberals are desperate to demonize him so they’re making up lies.


Andrew Scheer has been plotting for years to hide behind a façade of boring normalcy in order to take power and institute a far-right racist takeover of Canada.


I’m thinking the first one sounds a bit more realistic.

The Liberals have also thrown around dangerous and reckless rhetoric, claiming that opposition to ILLEGAL immigration is the same as opposing LEGAL immigration, and claiming – even in the face of all the available evidence – that ‘Stephen Harper never built a pipeline.’

Trudeau has also stoked the flames of separatism with his contempt for Western Canada, then outrageously shifted the blame for the anger to Western Canada itself, totally ignoring his own responsibility.

This is a disturbing moment for Canada. The Trudeau government is now basing their entire campaign on lies, at the same time as they co-opt the already-compliant establishment press with a taxpayer-funded media bailout and try to silence alternative Canadian voices on social media.

If the Liberals retain power, they will have been rewarded for rampant lying and deception. We must not let that happen.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political writers and independent journalists in Canada. He is an Election Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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