FERNANDO: Trudeau & Singh Must Be Defeated

To Save Canada’s Democratic Institutions, Trudeau & Singh Must Be Defeated

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


As they flail and thrash around in desperation, the Liberals and the NDP are trying something new:

Campaigning against a candidate in another country. 

The Liberals are strategizing on how to ‘leverage’ Donald Trump’s likely return as the Republican nominee against incumbent U.S. President Joe Biden. 

The NDP is joining in, ramping up their attempts to compare the U.S. politician to Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre.

Of course, this is hilariously pathetic and hypocritical for the Liberals.

If they have issues with politicians who rely upon a cult-like following and have an issue adhering to democratic norms, they can just look at their own leader.

Justin Trudeau – and his loyal man-servant Jagmeet Singh – have long played a double-game. 

On one hand, they posture as the defenders of ‘democratic institutions’ in the face of the ‘populist hordes.’

On the other, they not only praise, but also emulate, some of the most anti-democratic leaders of all-time. 

Trudeau’s praise of China’s ‘basic dictatorship,’ is well-known by now, as is Jagmeet Singh’s effusive praise of former Cuban Communist Dictator Fidel Castro. 

In retrospect, it is indeed odd however that this praise for dictatorial Communist regimes wasn’t seen as disqualifying.

After all, had any right-wing politician praised fascist dictators, it would have been front-page news for weeks. 

This is another example of the significant degree to which the far-left has been normalized and has taken over many of our once-venerable institutions. 

Thus, when Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh talk about ‘defending Canada’s democratic institutions,’ what they’re really talking about is defending those institutions from ever being in the hands of their political opponents, rather than defending the institutions themselves. 

This is very similar to how far-left authoritarians have acted throughout history. Their opponents are placed in a category that renders them as illegitimate political actors. They aren’t even considered part of the country or political space and are treated accordingly.

We see this attitude manifest itself in how Justin Trudeau reserves his rage for conservative Canadians, yet never applies it to agents of hostile foreign regimes like China. 

Notice how Trudeau has never looked angry when talking about China’s efforts to undermine our democracy, or the Islamo-fascist Iranian regime’s intimidation of Canadian citizens. Yet, when he talks about a regular Canadian who happens to be more on the conservative side of things, his face contorts into a look of rage and unbridled contempt.

Trudeau stood by and did nothing while China sought to influence our elections, he’s done nothing as rabid anti-Semites shout genocidal slogans, support terror groups, and intimidate Jewish Canadians, yet the moment the right-leaning Freedom Convoy got started, he was pushing to escalate the rhetoric, inflame national tensions, and then abused state power to crush those who would dare to question him. 

And of course, despite his pathetic claim of ‘reluctance’ around supporting the use of Emergencies Act, Jagmeet Singh has been supporting Trudeau’s assault on our civil liberties every step of the way. By doing so, Singh made a clean break with one of the few positive aspects of the NDP throughout Canadian history – their distrust of the federal government using emergency powers.

In this way, both Trudeau and Singh are deeply out of step with both Canadian values, and with the reality of governing a democratic country. 

Any election victory is temporary. Power is only held for a while. Those who lose elections still have rights. Your political opponents are allowed to criticize you. The government serves everyone, not just those who voted for it. Emergency powers are for actual emergencies. Abusing state power has consequences. Ideological extremism is to be shunned. 

Understanding all of that is essential to leading a free nation.

But Trudeau and Singh are both so ideologically extreme and far-left that they don’t see it that way.

They see the power of the state as a weapon to be used against their political foes. They seem to think they’ll be in power forever.

And so, it was perhaps inevitable that they would act in a way that violated the Charter rights of Canadians. 

People ultimately show you who they are – especially when given a significant amount of power. 

For all his supposed ‘sunny ways’ and ‘positive politics,’ Trudeau revealed himself to be exactly what we would expect from someone who praises Communist dictators and the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party.

And Jagmeet Singh, supposedly even more ‘woke’ and ‘modern’ than Trudeau, also turned out to be a willing accomplice in the abuse of state power against political opponents.

What makes this all even more ironic is that Singh and Trudeau did exactly what they constantly warned the ‘far-right’ would do. 

They sought to silence their opponents.

They sought to economically destroy Canadians by seizing bank accounts.

They abused government power to threaten and intimidate those they disagreed with. 

They ignored the law and violated the constitution to get their way.

They made a mockery of our democratic institutions, sowed doubt in Canada’s democratic credentials, and damaged our reputation around the world.

This is the ‘horseshoe theory’ at work. The far-right and the far-left tend to converge in the rampant abuse of state power, the punishing of opponents, the silencing of free speech, and the imposition of a widespread sense of fear and ‘self-censorship.’

All of this should wake us up to the fact that Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh represent a significant threat to Canada’s democratic institutions. If they manage to hold on to power, they will feel even more emboldened to assault our rights and freedoms, and they’ll go further and further in their attempt to buy-off the media and silence independent voices.

By contrast, Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives are adhering to a much more normal and traditional conception of what Canada should be: A democratic nation where the government focuses on addressing real problems (like our collapsing standard of living, out-of-control immigration, surging crime, high taxes, etc.), rather than endless social engineering and authoritarian abuses of state power.

This presents Canadians with a profound choice going forward. 

The Trudeau-Singh path leads us away from what this country has been and is supposed to be. It leads us in a direction where democracy erodes, and our institutions are increasingly corrupted.

The other path – the path of defeating Trudeau and Singh – returns our country to the place it was prior to 2015, a place where democratic institutions are protected and trusted, and where the future is once again hopeful.

Choose wisely.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a campaign fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. Join the mailing list to receive his exclusive weekly columns in your inbox.

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