FERNANDO: The Liberals Want A Ruthless Political Battle

The Liberals Want A Ruthless Political Battle, So Let’s Give Them One!

It’s a deeply unwise move for a government to escalate their rhetoric while deliberately destroying the country.

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


One thing you’ll notice about the nation-wrecking Liberals is that they feel completely entitled to avoid any consequences for their actions.

They act as if they deserve to live in some sort of magical ‘consequence-free-zone,’ where they can do as much damage to Canada as they like, but then get away with it all scot-free.

You’ll see Liberals complain about how ‘angry’ Canadians are, and how much aggression and negativity towards politicians there is, all without any recognition of the fact that this anger and aggression exists because the Liberals have chosen to deliberately rob Canadians of the prosperity we deserve.

Think about it.

The Liberals have deliberately flooded the country with insane levels of immigration, have deliberately driven up the cost of energy, have deliberately raised our taxes, and are now trying to rob productive Canadians of even more of our hard-earned money. This is EXACTLY what you would do if you were trying to destroy the prosperity of a nation.

Canadians are figuring this out.

And Canadians are getting more and more enraged about it every single day.

Do the Liberals really think that none of that rage will be directed towards them?

Do they really think they are immune from that rage?

Do they really think a political party can deliberately ruin a nation and then face zero consequences?

Any slightly rational person would be aware of this.

They would be aware of the fact that actions have consequences.

Unfortunately, it seems the Liberals have been fully infected with Justin Trudeau’s arrogant sense of consequence-free elitism.

They think they are politically untouchable.

They think Canada is just their personal plaything, and our lives, our money, and our futures are theirs to manipulate and destroy at will.

And so, that explains the incredibly dangerous rhetorical escalation being pushed by Chrystia ‘Foodbank’ Freeland.

Freeland is using some of the most extreme rhetoric we’ve ever heard from a Canadian Finance Minister.

She is deliberately seeking to incite Class Warfare in Canada through the use of divisive and apocalyptic rhetoric.

Freeland and the Liberals are trying to shift public anger away from themselves and towards productive Canadians.

That is a deliberate choice.

And it’s a choice that comes with serious consequences – all of which will be the responsibility of the Liberals.

Canada is already a tinderbox.

You can see and feel the pressure and anger rising with each passing day.

More and more Canadians are watching their dreams evaporate.

An entire generation is wondering whether there is even a future for them in Canada.

Canadians are watching our nation be flooded with people we simply can’t afford to absorb.

Canadians just want a break from the pressure and the extremism.

But instead of giving Canadians a break, the Liberals are doing the opposite.

They are ESCALATING on every front.

They are escalating their rhetoric.

They are escalating the theft of our tax dollars.

They are escalating the reckless spending.

They are escalating the insane immigration levels.

They are escalating the soft-on-crime, pro-illegal drug policies that are making Canada unsafe.

This is an incredibly dangerous move because it risks plunging Canada into further chaos, and social disorder.

What’s so disgusting is that it seems that’s exactly what the Liberals want.

But they should be very careful here.

Note how I haven’t even yet mentioned the fact that the Liberals are refusing to release the names of parliamentary traitors.

So, you have an enraged nation, a government doubling down on extremism, a surge in divisive rhetoric, and a deep question of government legitimacy due to potential hidden treason.

Do Liberal MPs really think that raising the rhetorical temperature right now is a wise move?

Have they really thought this through?

Do they really want to be a part of such deliberate destruction of Canada?

This is a question each Liberal and NDP MP must ask themselves.

Right now, they’re acting like gamblers who keep making bigger and bigger bets to try and recover their losses, only to lose even more.

But the fact is that the damage they’ve done to Canada can’t be reversed by the same policies that caused it.

They are just making things worse.

What they should be doing is accepting that they have lost much of their legitimacy.

They should stop implementing crazy new policies.

They should tone down the rhetoric.

They should focus on a few core functions of government to ensure they hand over a somewhat stabilized nation to the next government. 

For example, they could cut federal spending in most areas while increasing the defence budget, to help Canada strengthen our national security and keep our commitments to our allies without increasing the budget deficit. That way, the next government would have a head-start on getting Canada’s military back in fighting shape and restoring our credibility.

That would be a wise, responsible, and patriotic move.

But this country isn’t led by a wise, responsible, and patriotic prime minister.

We are led by an ignorant, irresponsible, and disloyal prime minister.

A prime minister more interested in perpetuating his own personality cult and his own psychopathic desire for power than in serving Canadians.

And so, at every step of the way, the Liberals have chosen to double down.

And with pathetic enablers like Foodbank Freeland in charge, this country is rapidly heading to a very dark and dangerous place.

What this means is that each of us must steel ourselves for a brutal and ruthless political battle ahead.

Every day will be a fight. The Liberals can be given no quarter.

Their lies, their divisive rhetoric, and their ruinous policies must be challenged every single day.

The Liberals are trying to destroy this country and steal your money from you.

Are you going to let them get away with it?

Are we as Canadians just going to sit back and take it?

Or will we stand up do what it takes to ensure the Liberals are defeated?

Now is a time for strength and resolve from Canadians.

Now is a time to make it abundantly clear that if the Liberals want a ruthless political battle, we will give them one!

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a writer and campaign fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. Join the mailing list to receive his exclusive weekly columns in your inbox.

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