FERNANDO: Reality Has Become Poilievre's Strongest Ally

Reality Has Become Poilievre’s Strongest Ally

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


It’s easy for politicians to jump on the latest bandwagon in order to gain support.

What’s much more difficult is to stand up for a consistent worldview at a time when it may seem unpopular or politically unpalatable.

Most politicians do the former, while few do the latter.

One of the few is Pierre Poilievre.

For quite some time, Poilievre has been warning about the impact of excessive government spending and central bank money printing. 

Poilievre warned that higher debt and deficits would incentivize the Bank of Canada to expand the money supply at a rapid rate, leading to the debasing of our currency and a worsening cost-of-living crisis.

Poilievre warned that the federal government and Bank of Canada were significantly distorting the housing market, pushing the dream of homeownership out of reach for millions of Canadians.

And Poilievre warned that Canada’s economy would be increasingly unstable and debt-dependent, leading to significant hardship when interest rates inevitably went up.

Poilievre was saying this at a time when the government was spending money at a rapid clip, and when public support for government intervention was quite high.

Over the past two years, when the Canadian political class reached a near-total consensus on the ‘necessity’ of big government, Poilievre continued to speak out in favour of sound money and fiscal responsibility.

Digital crowds become real

Even as Poilievre seemed to be a voice in the wilderness politically, his message was resonating with growing numbers of Canadians.

While much of the establishment press has tried to claim Poilievre is pushing a ‘simplistic & populist’ message, the fact is his videos on YouTube and Twitter often went into great historical detail and discussed high-level aspects of fiscal policy and monetary policy. Poilievre made the connection between historic forms of currency debasement, and the policies of the Liberal government today. He increasingly pointed out how cryptocurrencies are a modern response to an ancient problem: Governments stealthily stealing the money of the people through inflation, and the desire to protect and preserve the value of our time and labour.

As he made more and more of those detail-oriented and policy-focused videos, Poilievre’s following grew.

And now, as we have seen across the country, those digital crowds have become real crowds, crowds so large that they are forcing quite a comical response from much of the establishment press.

They claim that Poilievre’s crowds are simultaneously meaningless and dangerous, representative of nothing and/or representative of a ‘dangerous’ populist undercurrent.

It’s not surprising that much of the establishment media doesn’t really know how to respond to the crowds other than to demonize people. After all, given the immense amount of taxpayer money the Trudeau Liberals have given to the media, many in the press can’t quite relate to all the hardships facing Canadians across the country. 

There’s also an element of laziness. Instead of really thinking about why people would flock to Poilievre’s rallies, it’s easier to just launch rhetorical attacks and dismiss it all. In the end, of course, that will do nothing other than further widen the gap between the establishment media and the growing number of Canadians who seek their information elsewhere.

With all of that in mind, why is Poilievre drawing such massive crowds?

Because reality has become his strongest ally.

The things Poilievre has long been speaking about and warning about have indeed come to pass.

Debt and deficits surged.

The Bank of Canada rapidly expanded the money supply.

The housing market has become even more out of control.

Inflation has surged and life is getting more and more expensive.

Interest rates are going up, making all the debt Canada has accumulated at the federal, provincial, corporate, and personal level less and less sustainable.

Where it was once possible to look at the economic debate in Canada as a philosophical or rhetorical exercise, it is now having a significant impact on the lives of Canadians.

They see the Liberals & NDP propose more spending and higher taxes as the solution to nearly every problem.

They see the Bank of Canada appear one-step behind events and inconsistent in their messaging.

They see the prices at the store, prices that keep going up far faster than any wage increases.

And they see that for more and more Canadians, the dream of homeownership and financial independence is getting further and further out of reach.

As they watch this happening, they see Pierre Poilievre offering new ideas, ideas very different than what the Liberals & NDP offer, and they see that he has been talking about those ideas for quite a while, rather than just latching on to a short-term trend.

Because of this, because he showed confidence and conviction in his ideas, Poilievre has a high level of credibility, and that credibility is what is drawing Canadians of all backgrounds to Poilievre’s campaign events.

More and more Canadians are realizing that the status quo has failed, and only a decisively different approach can help return our nation to the path of freedom and prosperity.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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