FERNANDO: Poilievre Dominates Leadership Poll


Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre has a big lead in the race for the CPC Leadership.

That’s according to a CPC Leadership race poll conducted by the National Citizens Coalition.

Over 25,000 grassroots Conservatives were surveyed, making it by far the largest Conservative leadership poll conducted.

Here are the results:

Pierre Poilievre – 46%

Rona Ambrose – 31%

Michelle Rempel Garner – 10%

Peter MacKay – 10%

Erin O’Toole – 3%

This survey is great news for Poilievre, as it’s the largest and most comprehensive survey we’ve seen, and it shows that he has a ton of support among the Canadian Conservatives who will decide the leadership race.

Spencer Fernando is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition.