FERNANDO: Trudeau's Only "Work Left To Do" Is An Election

For Justin Trudeau, The Only “Work Left To Do” Is To Call An Election And Let Us Finally Be Rid Of His Horrendous ‘Leadership’

Just go.

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Canadians want Justin Trudeau out of office.

But the prime minister just doesn’t get it.

Or maybe he does get it, and can’t bring himself to admit it.

Whatever the case, Justin Trudeau continues to demonstrate his profound disconnect from the Canadian people.

Trudeau remains wrapped in a bubble of his choosing, surrounded by sycophants and co-conspirators in the ruination of our country.

If anything could have woken him up from his self-induced isolation, the Toronto-St. Paul’s by-election would have been it.

The Liberals suffered a shocking loss in a riding they’ve dominated for decades.

The overall vote swing would – if replicated across the nation – result in the near-total decimation of the Liberal Party.

The Liberals did everything they could to prevent this outcome, with cabinet minister after cabinet minister campaigning on behalf of Leslie Church – who was previously Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s Chief of Staff.

During the campaign, Freeland went all-in on class warfare centred around the capital gains tax hike, before raising the stakes even higher with her denunciation of the Conservatives as ‘cruel, cold, and small.’

None of it worked.

The Liberals dropped almost nine points. The Conservatives gained almost 17 points.

When it comes to the voters sending a message to the government and the Prime Minister, it doesn’t get clearer than this.

And why are Canadians so desperate to send a message to the government?

Because Canada is objectively getting worse in nearly every measurable way.

Violent crime is up.

Social programs are crumbling.

Housing is unaffordable.

We’re more divided than ever.

Hostile regimes are subverting our democracy.

Free expression is under assault.

Productive Canadians are heading elsewhere.

Investors are pulling money out of Canada.

The immigration system has been wrecked.

Social cohesion is fraying.

Per capita GDP is falling.

The Liberals managed to ‘achieve’ all of this while spending record amounts of money and rapidly increasing our national debt.

Over and over again, they promised to ‘do more for Canadians,’ only to make things far worse.

At some point, you would think a bit of self-awareness would creep in. You would think people like Trudeau and Freeland would start to see the connection between their actions and the results those actions bring.

But alas, that awareness remains absent.

In response to the shocking defeat, both Trudeau and Freeland gave the impression that they think Canadians want MORE of the same.

"These are not easy times. And it is clear, I and my entire team, have much more hard work to do to deliver tangible, real progress that Canadians can see and feel," said Trudeau.

Trudeau, of course, neglected to mention that these hard times have occurred on his watch.

For her part, Freeland said it is “so important” to “continue on the path we’re on.”

“Building more homes faster…delivering programs that make life more affordable for Canadians, like dental care, like early learning and child care, to deliver with investments to grow the economy and to create great jobs.”

“We know that we need to do it in a fiscally responsible way. Because it is so important. To continue on the path we’re on.”

This gets to the fundamental problem here:

The Liberals are unable to conceive of the idea that they are the ones making things worse.

Their inflationary deficits erode the value of our money.

Their carbon taxes and restrictions on the energy sector drive up the cost of living.

Their insane immigration increases are driving down our standard of living.

Their picking of winners and losers – including doling out massive EV production subsidies – is wasting billions of our tax dollars.

Yet despite all of this, Freeland expects us to believe that the logical response to a shocking by-election defeat is to “continue on the path we’re on.”

Trudeau really thinks that Canadians want “more hard work” from a government that has been ‘hard at work’ making things worse for nearly nine years now.

It’s a toxic mix of narcissism and socialism that has left our country in the clutches of those who refuse to step back and let Canadians make our own choices about how to spend our money.

What Canada needs right now is less government intervention.

The Liberals have intervened for ‘climate action,’ for ‘fairness,’ for ‘expanding the middle class,’ for ‘investing in Canadians,’ and many other slogans that boil down to higher taxes, more deficits, more debt, and more suffering for Canadians.

Maybe we should try something different?

How about some spending restraint?

How about lower taxes?

How about letting Canadians chose how we invest our money, rather than having the government make huge reckless bets with our tax dollars?

How about we return to the common-sense immigration policies that made our immigration system the envy of the world?

If what we’re doing isn’t working – and it clearly isn’t – we must try something else.

That is the message Canadians are sending to the Liberals.

Canadians don’t want more of the same.

We don’t want more Trudeau.

We don’t want more Freeland.

We want an election so we can be rid of this disastrous government.

And so, the only ‘hard work’ Trudeau has to do now is the work of accepting how profoundly he has failed this nation, and accepting that the only positive thing he can do for the country is to call an election so we can rid ourselves of his nation-wrecking 'leadership.'

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