FERNANDO: The NDP's 'Hamas Problem'

The NDP’s Gutless And Cowardly Calls For A “Ceasefire” Are Morally Bankrupt, And Would Reward Hamas’s Evil Terrorist Acts

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition


Imagine for a moment that someone walks into your home with the intent to murder you and your family.

Just as you start fighting back, somebody else standing on the sidelines demands that you stop and just let the perpetrator run away.

How would you feel about that?

I’m guessing you would see it as deeply immoral, and deeply dangerous.

Immoral, because it prevents the victim from obtaining justice.

And dangerous, because it leaves open the possibility of the perpetrator attacking again and again.

This would have the practical effect of rewarding those who commit heinous acts.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what the NDP is doing.

Both NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, and NDP Critic for Foreign Affairs Heather McPherson, are pushing for a ‘ceasefire’ between the State of Israel and Hamas terrorists.

Here are their statements:


“The violence we've witnessed in Palestine and Israel is heartbreaking.

In these dark times, we must treat each other with compassion and recognize our common humanity.

Canada must push for a ceasefire, the release of all hostages and a humanitarian aid corridor to save lives.”


“The death and destruction of the past four days is overwhelming

This is fast developing into a humanitarian catastrophe on a massive scale.

We ask Canada to urgently push for a ceasefire, the release of all hostages and a humanitarian aid corridor to save innocent lives.”

Singh and McPherson undoubtedly feel morally righteous and compassionate, but their statements are anything but.

Rather, they are craven and cowardly.

The world has just witnessed the largest mass killing of the Jewish People since the Holocaust.

Hamas unleashed mass rape, mass murder, and mass torture.

Hamas beheaded children, burned children alive, and raped women amid piles of dead bodies.

In every way, Hamas’s actions were evil and subhuman.

A ‘ceasefire’ now would mean denying justice.

A ‘ceasefire’ now would preserve the Hamas leadership – the same leadership that planned the horrific attack on Israel.

A ‘ceasefire’ now would leave more Hamas terrorists alive to attack Israel again.

And a ‘ceasefire’ now would embolden evil around the world to commit further subhuman acts, as terrorists would see that they could murder and rape and then seek ‘peace’ the moment they were about to face the consequences.

Thus, a ceasefire now would be aiding and abetting evil.

Supporting Israel

Many politicians across Canada have expressed their support for Israel.

In the coming days and weeks, we will find out who is actually serious about doing so.

Hamas has spent years indoctrinating the population of Gaza with virulent anti-Semitism that matches the kind of rhetoric used by Nazi Germany.

Instead of building up their own infrastructure, Hamas instead chose to build rockets.

Hamas even tore up water pipes in Gaza to use for rockets, meaning that any and all responsibility for possible impending water issues in Gaza rests solely with Hamas terrorists.

And Hamas is still explicitly dedicated to committing genocide against Israel – something they openly advocate for time and time again.

Understand the truly insane and despicable dynamic at play: Hamas is demanding that Israel keep the power on in Gaza, even as Hamas openly states their intention to massacre every Israeli citizen. And much of the political left – and easily manipulated fools in the media – have fallen for Hamas's virulent and rampant propaganda.

What this means is that destroying Hamas will likely require a sustained military campaign by Israel. The truly evil nature of Hamas’s actions means there can be no return to normal. There can’t just be a short campaign followed by the return of the status quo.

Hamas has made it clear that being treated with compassion, kindness, and restraint only emboldens them to kill more innocent people. Thus, Israel will have to speak the only language Hamas understands – the language of force.

Now, as anyone who has studied World War Two in-depth understands, defeating a genocidal and indoctrinated population often comes at a brutal cost. Defeating genocidal Nazi Germany required a massive strategic bombing campaign that levelled entire German cities and caused massive casualties. That was necessary because Germany was hell-bent on eradicating millions of people, and because the people of Nazi Germany failed to overthrow the genocidal regime ruling over them.

The people of Gaza could overthrow Hamas, release all the hostages, and hand over the perpetrators of the attack on Israel. Since that is incredibly unlikely, Israel has no choice but to deal with Hamas themselves in such a way that ensures the threat doesn’t return.

As Israel does this, there will of course be some awful images of war and destruction. Since none of this would have happened if Hamas wasn’t a genocidal terrorist regime, the responsibility for what is to come rests with Hamas. Still, some will be swayed by images of destruction, and those without strategic understanding and without a backbone will increasingly call for Israel to stop their campaign against Hamas before the campaign is concluded.

Israel’s true friends – those who really do stand with Israel – will support Israel to the conclusion of a military campaign meant to preserve innocent lives.

Sadly, by calling for a ceasefire even before Israel’s war against Hamas fully gets underway, the NDP has chosen – in all practical terms – to stand with Hamas.

This pro-Hamas sentiment is unfortunately quite rampant within the NDP. The Ontario NDP – who are all members of the federal NDP led by Jagmeet Singh – has refused to kick MPP Sarah Jama out of their caucus despite Jama blaming Israel for Hamas’ evil terrorism.

Jama even attended a rally where a Hamas flag was flown, but that apparently wasn’t enough for her to be removed.

As Brian Lilley said in the Toronto Sun, Jama should have been kicked out:

“These statements and her participation at a rally where the Hamas flag was flown, where chants to wipe Israel off the map were loudly proclaimed, should have been enough to have her kicked out of the NDP caucus.”

But Jama has not been kicked out of the NDP Caucus.

She remains.

Thus, the NDP is clearly trying to pander to vile anti-Semitic views.

And – given that many Hamas supporters are using the same language of ‘decolonization’ and ‘resistance’ that the far-left uses – the NDP’s moral bankruptcy appears even more dangerous.

Many Canadians will be right to wonder whether the NDP would support horrific violence within Canada, so long as that violence was directed against those the far-left deems to be part of the ‘oppressor’ group.

A discrediting moment

People in the West are starting to wake up to the fact that many groups and organizations which seem to be peaceful and woke on the outside, are simply waiting for a moment of power before unleashing horrific violence upon innocents.

And people are waking up to the fact that many so-called ‘progressive’ parties like the NDP are completely willing to draw a moral equivalence between a peaceful democratic state and an evil genocidal terrorist organization.

This is a moment from which there is no turning back.

A significant portion of the Canadian political left, not to mention many people within Canadian universities, have completely discredited themselves and revealed themselves as – at best – being willing to try and ‘justify’ some of the most horrific terrorist acts we’ve ever seen in human history.

Those who chose that evil path should be blocked from any kind of legitimacy going forward, and their opinions should be dismissed out of hand.

On a day where young Jewish students across the globe are being kept from the classroom out of fear of worldwide anti-Semitic attacks, such vile sentiments and moral cowardice have no place in this nation.

Spencer Fernando is one of the most popular and prolific political voices in Canada. He is a Campaign Fellow for the National Citizens Coalition. For more from Spencer, visit his website, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter

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